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Alfawise Logo
Alfawise Logo thingiverse

Petit dà shed imprimer Logo Alfawise © corer :)

Alfawise u20 - Bed Leveling
Alfawise u20 - Bed Leveling thingiverse

Molette bed copy setting Support No Resolution: 0.2 Filling: 15% of filaments: PLA 3D Grossiste Rouge

Alfawise U20 bed knobs
Alfawise U20 bed knobs thingiverse

designed this controller / thumbdial / thumbwheel Alfawise U20 heatbed.Other designed here in Thingiverse (for CR-10) made of several buttons do not work with Alfawise U20.This update the original controls containing 18 teeth and is not necessary to...



Fan duct alfawise U20
Fan duct alfawise U20 thingiverse

Adaptation pour une Alfawise U20

Alfawise U20 Tools stand
Alfawise U20 Tools stand thingiverse

Tous les outils U-20 sous la mainAll U20 tools on Sprinter print setting hand: Alfawise U20 Balsas: any resolution is not supported: 0.20 Strand: PLA Alfawise

ball squash alfawise U20
ball squash alfawise U20 thingiverse

Version 1

Alfawise U20 Filament Guide
Alfawise U20 Filament Guide thingiverse

SET TO SCALE 1000%! This thread guide Replaces the end cap of the printer is coming, and the thread into the extruder Helps to lead. Used M5 or No. ...10 screws.

Alfawise U20 BED LEVELING thingiverse

Here is an accessory That Facilitates the adjustment of the shell With the indication on the rim of the wheel. It slipped on the Existing wheel thickness layer thickness 0.2Shell 1Fill rate 20Print temperature 220C ° Material Type noneVoici one qui...

Alfawise U20 Squashfeet
Alfawise U20 Squashfeet thingiverse

Simple remixing the original feet in the U20.Remove setting, remove the rubber used in conjunction with the metal support 5 mm longer say screws.People double dot balls yellow squash are the best! Version 1.1 added ... The only difference is a small...

Porta comparatore - Alfawise U20
Porta comparatore - Alfawise U20 thingiverse

Realizzato with l'aiuto e i test Dell'Amico prof. ...Simone Bertelli.In 3 per tutti i gusti versioni

AlfaWise U20 Bed Knob
AlfaWise U20 Bed Knob thingiverse

A new edition of the elevator knob essential CR-10 last marked "by Valstrah (Ding No. ...2,408,748), I prefer this to AlfaWise U20.Print custom configuration buttons Sprinter rafts U20 AlfaWise: no support: No Resolution: 0 2 Filling: 10 filament: PLA...

Alfawise U20 fan duct
Alfawise U20 fan duct thingiverse

V2: Cette forme, qui mieux l'air channel sur le donne filament MEILLEURS d'origine sultats which channel reservation (photo voir du outgoing test) of © him. L'eXtra © Mita © Devra être renforcà © e avec ou trombone UN fil de fer autour d'elle pour a...

support filament u20 alfawise
support filament u20 alfawise thingiverse

Support pour bobine thread jusque 1 kg and 10 cm largeHow I Designed Thisdesigned in Solidwork in 10 minutes or south lesscreer Solidwork in Moin of 10minpeut be ameliorà ©

Dial indicator Alfawise U20
Dial indicator Alfawise U20 thingiverse

Dial indicator holder for U20This Alfawise dial indicator holder was printed on 0.2 mm in diameter Alfawise U20 itself.The hole so that the sensor input is available 8 mm distance between the hole and the back of the support Link .My comparator 6 mm...

Guide filament Alfawise U30
Guide filament Alfawise U30 thingiverse

€ ™ facilitates insertion du strand jusquà € ™ to € ™ extrudeur.Lâ € ™ insertion is trouvant derrière Profila © alu, il est difficile dans ma positioner configuration dans le Strand € ™ extrudeur.Cette pineapple Cé REMPLACE celle d'origine € ™ award...

Alfawise U20 Camera Holder
Alfawise U20 Camera Holder thingiverse

This mounting the camera works well with the PlayStation Eye, but I bet most webcams accommodated. You can pressure problem sticking printers are due to tolerance. If that's the case, easier to use, heat the connector 3D printing and hard press.

Alfawise U20 electronic box
Alfawise U20 electronic box thingiverse

U20 Alfawise printer is a great fit on the lacquer table Ikea. I needed a similar small footprint to my Anet A8 as the picture here it consists of a casing of the main board inside the box S20 Black plus 2 teaspoons softer for the X axis and Y LCD in...

coil support alfawise u20
coil support alfawise u20 thingiverse

Alfawise U coil 20

support comparateur alfawise U20
support comparateur alfawise U20 thingiverse

Printing PLAfine .100extrudeur 200 ° CBED 50 ° cremplissage 25%

Alfawise U20 Fans enclosure
Alfawise U20 Fans enclosure thingiverse

Here is a PLA version of fan support for Alfawise U20.Lighter the less original noise, and in fact the basis of efficiency extruder.Better fans.Test to prevent portacables wires twisted with PLA and well so far in terms upcoming mod heating with fan...

alfawise u20 lcd alone
alfawise u20 lcd alone thingiverse

Single-frame LCD stand for alfawise U20.

Alfawise U30 Display Cover
Alfawise U30 Display Cover thingiverse

Alfawisw U30 LCD Screen Protector sand only given for a perfect fit

Axe bobine Alfawise U20
Axe bobine Alfawise U20 thingiverse

Ax de bobine sur Mount © roulements, bobine sur le porte d'origine adaptable Alfawise.Nà © cessite deux vis ZZ 625 roulement et une M5x12mm ne pas si vous voulez Print ratio freinage incluse nà © cessite qui une petite post-production ( 5x0 Filetag...

Fan Duct Alfawise U20
Fan Duct Alfawise U20

U20 duct fan Alfawise

Alfawise U20 protection
Alfawise U20 protection thingiverse

These are protective measures to prevent Alfawise U20 and plastic dust aluminum profiles.Be that the files are fine for the printer by printing Test.stl.Ce sont des protection pour les Profila © s de l ' U20 Alfawise aluminum viter poussière © pour...

TFT 32 ALFAWISE U20 thingiverse

Https:// U20 32 ALFAWISE to work with me, then also my YouTube channel Subscribe if not your language, it is for cooperation also can make a donation to my PayPal account to [EMAILA...

tirants alfawise U20
tirants alfawise U20 thingiverse

term creel © e M8 length 63 cm.

Alfawise U20 Silencieux ventilateur
Alfawise U20 Silencieux ventilateur thingiverse

Pour pièce adaptation to changing fixed sans machine. ...J'ai un positionnà © dà © flecteur diminuer un peu pour le bruit et de l'air.Print SettingsRafts: No Aid: Yes Resolution: 0.2 Filling: 20 strands: 3D grossiste PLA Notes: the obligation to...