Bundaberg RUM coaster


Bundaberg RUM coaster My first coaster. ...I needed a coaster because i drink a lot while making 3D stuff so i solved my problem Enjoy

Bundaberg Constructions


No description provided.

Bundaberg Rum Bottle light up display box


I have created this box so that you can display up to two large or small Bundaberg Rum boxes in style. The idea behind my design is that it sits on a bar and has a hold out the back to feed your LED power cord out of. Once you print this box, coil...

Hungry Jack's Restaurant


“The burgers are better at Hungry Jack’s” This building is a replica of the Hungry Jack’s fast food outlet planned on Bargara Road, Bundaberg intended for Cities Sklyines. Hungry Jack’s is an Australian fast food franchise of Burger King founded by...

Business Card 3d print


http://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?thing_id=1713563 Instructions Using the following options: offset_line_4 = -22.5 offset_line_3 = -14.5 offset_line_2 = -2 offset_line_1 = 14 line4 = annarose75@hotmail.com line3 = 0412 502 798 line2 =...