UK Royal Shield of Arms Coin Display Holder
UK Royal Shield of Arms Coin Display Holder thingiverse

After returning from my trip to England and Wales, I wanted to show my coins in the UK as the puzzle designed shape and therefore the purse was designed and printed in 3D. My coins fit nice and tight. InstructionsDownload the STL file and 3D...

Coin display holder - UK Royal Shield of Arms
Coin display holder - UK Royal Shield of Arms thingiverse

This is a support for coins UK Royal Coat of Arms.I shows started by looking cwbrown design, but then was very adapted to shield design fitting on currencies to ensure, and the details are of the too.That design on the head seemed a simple few steps,...

UK Coin
UK Coin thingiverse

This is a coin with a cut from the UK on the basis of one, the Super Dan ', where it is used (Australia may want to use the 123D open include file and add their own modifications or name. (A 0.5 mm extrusion...

UK Coin Holder 3m
UK Coin Holder 3m thingiverse

UK coin holder 3m SolidWorks Configuration :) Sprinter Brand: Creality printer: CR-10 Mini Balsas: is not supported: No Resolution: 0,2 Filling: 10% of filaments: PLA PLA PLA

UK coin Bottle Opener
UK coin Bottle Opener thingiverse

A simple opener for UK coin 1p PLA I used at 200 to the nozzle 55 for the bed and the best pressing force at an angle of 60 degrees

UK Coin & Note Holder
UK Coin & Note Holder thingiverse

There are many portamonedas in Thingiverse and loads of different currencies - but not too many coin UK. So, here's my contribution. There's even a slot for folded bills, if you're lucky enough to have some. I loaded the SketchUp file, so you can...

UK Coin Collection
UK Coin Collection thingiverse

@ Reuleaux polygons generated script dnewman with Remember - these currencies are not so do not try to be legal tender to spend it on GitHub :-) / edent / 3D v0.2 UK money - Â made by...

Trolley Coin / Token UK
Trolley Coin / Token UK thingiverse

Basic trolley coin / token as in many British supermarkets, etc. ...necessary

UK £1 Coin Spinner
UK £1 Coin Spinner thingiverse

Spinner Fidget designed 6 x UK £ 1 coins to keep (old and new), it allows you to put in and out of the sling. Based on an idea by early 2016 my son, Elliot Winter.Uses one skate bearings, as used in many other spinners designs.Print Sprinter Setting:...

UK Coin holder
UK Coin holder thingiverse

Inspired by another is a currency for British coins (new and old) £ 1, 50p, 20p, 10p and 5phttps: //

UK Pound Coin Dispenser
UK Pound Coin Dispenser thingiverse

With four children, I like to try to dig too coin, every week, so I have this coin dispenser. I practically works shown ... 0.2 InstructionsPrinted layers with black @ 220 C PLA through the mouth of the opening of some problems with the projection...

UK Cylinder Coin Dispenser
UK Cylinder Coin Dispenser thingiverse

to maintain, but the bulk.These are cylindrical containers containing at least one standard coin bag and a little more. Accessories are a little tight, but save the coins to escape and can be extracted with a firm touch on your palm.I a version  £...

UK coin holder
UK coin holder

2p to 50p 20p 10p 1p GBP? ...1 First draft is try to play a little scattered on my desk to clarify the coins will be updated when me and cuss with 5p? ...completely get 2 and load and print images and upload again.

UK Coin Map
UK Coin Map thingiverse

A map of the United Kingdom, Which holds the current seven coins for England (2018). Designed for multi-color printing. The job May be white, red, blue. Or just paint pressure setting :) Sprinter Brand: Prusa Printer: i3 MK3 Resolution: .15 Infill:...

Coin display - 12 coins
Coin display - 12 coins thingiverse

This is a presentation of coins for a maximum of 12 coins. This can be up to 35 mm diameter. Pressure 2 of each side piece and a base. The glass plate is STL contains as if cutting a tip as acrylic. Parts need some polishing for a good fit and must...

Coin Display Stand / Coin Holder
Coin Display Stand / Coin Holder cults3d

Exhibitors suitable piece for most coins.The back support is discreet and invisible to most parts.You 3 cm / 3cm can put on a shelf model with some other parts or leave it alone: ​​https: / / cults3d. com / en / 3D / box / rack for rack holder...


After printing for the new 2017 Monetnitsy a pound CREDIT CARD 3x2â, ¬ 3x1â eliminated from crizzz for a short trip it was so handy, I decided to do. ...This can be maintained with two coins 2 pounds and three coin 1 pound.

UK 50 pence coin Holder
UK 50 pence coin Holder thingiverse

A design support coins.This 50 pence allows special coins are stored safely so that all are not present in the house.Print Sprinter Brand Configuration: Printer Creality: Ender three basins: Not compatible with: No Resolution: 0.2 mm filler: 10%...

UK Pound Coin Wallet Card
UK Pound Coin Wallet Card thingiverse

He was asked by a friend to create a support one pound coin to keep in your car. ...He decided to make the size of credit card wallets.Print Sprinter Configuration setting: X3 Tronxy Balsas: This is not compatible with the subject: No Resolution: No...

Modular UK Pound Coin Storage
Modular UK Pound Coin Storage thingiverse

currency of a modular pound UK Storage.should to stack them and cut them still print together.haven't, so if someone does not know me how it out.I holes modified more than a fraction were like the counterpart and You should fit well

UK Coin Sorter with New Pound coin
UK Coin Sorter with New Pound coin thingiverse

Coins, on the top shelf and give some vertebrae and shakes and bring themselves quickly in order, then the shells are separated and empty.The fewer coins are sorted by type faster than many coins and still much shaking.You have individual subjects...

Challenge Coin Display Holder
Challenge Coin Display Holder thingiverse

Display stand for my challenge coins. Has a capacity of 6 coins of different sizes, and even coins adapts easily print sleeves.Should protection, materials / typical settings. ...Developed in Fusion360.

Challenge Coin Display Stand
Challenge Coin Display Stand thingiverse

Only a few of the challenge coins I received came with display stands, so I decided this after a single model. ...I modified an arcuate edge on the hook portion and the dimensions to fit well together.

Display Coin Stand
Display Coin Stand thingiverse

This little support allows you coins and similar pieces of jewelry to be displayed on a shelf. Designed for small and quick and easy printing with minimal use of filament size. ...Scaled to size for the currency you want to view.

slab coin display stand
slab coin display stand pinshape

this level NGC or PCGS coins is adjusting plate

slab coin display stand
slab coin display stand

this level NGC or PCGS coins is adjusting plate

Coin display stand
Coin display stand thingiverse

indicates a holder for coins up to 35 mm diameter. ...Scaled up or down for coins major / minor.

27mm Coin Display Stand
27mm Coin Display Stand thingiverse

This is a simple support for a coin in a case (case 31 mm coin 27 mm). ...It delivered specially made for the case of the House of 27mm Canadian Mint $ 20 coins.

Coin/Token Display
Coin/Token Display thingiverse

Coin / counter indication / coin of 34 mm in diameter and up thick on a layer i3 InstructionsPrinted Reprap Prusa height of 0.2 mm to 3 mm

coin display stand
coin display stand

just presented to the coins are metal detectors, printing adjustment Sprinter: Balsas cc3dt: No support: No