Ffestiniog bug box


Ffestiniog bug boxes for 009.

16mm Narrow Gauge Ffestiniog Bug Box


Based on the Small Birmingham coaches on the Ffestiniog Railway, also known as "Bug Boxes", this is a 16mm scale model that can run on both 32mm and 45mm gauge. 3 variations are included, the 1st class, 3rd class, and an observation coach. Also...

009 Ffestiniog bug box


Frame and sides combined.

009 Ffestiniog Railway gunpowder van


Ideally for resin printers. Best printed at 0.02mm layer height. The only thing you will need to make is the brake assembly. I made them from paperclips, but any thin metal strips bent to shape should work. There is a locating hole underneath the...

G-Scale (1:20 / 45 mm track) Ffestiniog Railway "Bug Box" Observation Car


<p>Glue the front walls to the sides with CA glue (use filament as dowels). ...All other items are mounted using M2 screws.&nbsp;</p><p>Standard LGB wheel sets rotate in 6 x 3 x 3 mm bearings.</p><p>M4 bolts are used as weights in the coupling...

Llys Dorfil Trench 2


Excavation by Cymdeithas Archaeoleg Bro Ffestiniog

009  / 00 Model Railway Slate Built Station Halt


Station halt inspires and very loosely based on Dduallt station halt on the FFestiniog Railway North Wales UK. ... This photo of Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Composite coach for 7mm narrow gauge


The coaches in this series are freelance but strongly influenced by Ffestiniog designs. (Teebee) The bogies (also separately) are redesigned to take 12.5mm dia wheels on 26mm pinpoint axles in Romford 2mm brass bearing cups. ... Body in grey primer...

Zero Carbon Railcar on Cader Ifor Railway


Strange to think that Spooner built his single ended, in view of the Ffestiniog's double Fairlie locomotives. This one can be sailed in either direction by re-stepping the mast at the other end. I got quite into this, as an ex dinghy sailor. I...

O16.5 Glyn Valley Tramway 4 ton single bolsters (for resin printers)


when the Glyn valley tramway first opened under horse drawn power in 1873 it possesed two single bolster sets comprised of 4 flat wagons each, the outer two having fixed bolsters with stakes, not unlike the examples preserved today on the Ffestiniog...

Bogie well wagon for carrying a mini digger.  0-16.5 model


(including the Ffestiniog) The trick is to get the digger, including its arm, under the line's loading gauge. (Mine is fairly generous) I designed this wagon to run on a spare pair of Ratio (00 gauge) bogies with only the bogie wheels, sides and...

Hornby 00 gauge 0-4-0 chassis model (use for 0-16.5 models)


After using this model, with some padding for clearance, to accommodate the Hornby chassis in an 0-16.5 model of Ffestiniog Railway PRINCE, I found that a lot more clearance was needed at wheels and rods level. Fortunately I printed only the bottom...

Double Fairlie locomotive in 7mm scale / 0-16.5


NOTE The model has progressed to making cab fittings, with some photos from the nice people at the Ffestiniog. But this revealed that I have made the firebox(s) too big, so crew and fittings do not really have enough room. I will not be correcting...