Beer Fidge

Just a simple beer fridge became a cold beer fridge #Corona #Dads_Beer #Fridge #Smirnoff_Ice #wine

Simple Fidge Spinner

A simple spinner for kidsUses bearing 26 x 10 x 8 mm (OD x iD T) 3 nuts M12

Fidge Knob Indesit

Indesit fridge replacement button. ...20% necessary support and wing

Pennywise Fidge Spinner (1/2" Balls)

Remixing Pennywise spinner so that can be used 1/2 steel balls instead pennys.Thanks "

Dog Face Fidge Spinner 1/2 Nuts Weights

Spinner saw a wriggling here with heads cat, so I thought I would do one dog's head ... because Dogs Rule! ...:) I have to use nuts 1/2 inch weights,

Cat end cap decoration for a fidge spinner (size for 608 ball bearing)

decoration endcap for spinner uneasiness. Originally modeled at the end of the cap cat, making the cat would be printable page bedside print. However, I have the best results when printing the end cap in ~ 30 - 45 ° bed angle print restrictions. ...In...