Puzzle rebus
Puzzle rebus grabcad

Rebus puzzle based on the Pythagorean theorem.

Film 3dwarehouse

This is making my model of the film scene containing a toilet with Mr. Bob is sitting on it and do not read newspapers. ...#film #matrix #model #poo #r_sz #siri #teletubbies

REBUS ABUSES 3D: an actor?
REBUS ABUSES 3D: an actor? cults3d

Rebus approximate named a famous French actor? ......

REBUS ABUSES 3D: a Belgian actor?
REBUS ABUSES 3D: a Belgian actor? cults3d

designated rebus about Belgian actor? .....








rebuse thingiverse

film Stretch / Film estensibile
film Stretch / Film estensibile thingiverse

Stretch film holder

Ring EST MODUS IN REBUS 3D print model
Ring EST MODUS IN REBUS 3D print model cgtrader

EST ring MODE REBUS 3D model print size (diameter finger) finger - 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 mmWeight 14k gold and silver 925Ring size 15 - Gold: 4 grams___ silver: 3.1 grams ring 16 size - gold 4.2 grams___ silver: 3.3 grams 17 ring size - gold: silver...

valve film
valve film thingiverse

valve film

Film kamerasi
Film kamerasi 3dwarehouse

Eski 3D model #film_kamerasi

Film Camera
Film Camera thingiverse

A film camera 3D printed

Film Case
Film Case thingiverse

... than the carton, she entered the film wanted. This case is durable and when light-tight. still it assumes roles in the film and exposed film rolls InstructionsPrint the two pieces invite you to go and shoot 5 rolls protect your favorite movie!

Film Slitter
Film Slitter thingiverse

This is a film cutter to make a 16 mm strip and a strip of 9.2 mm of a normal movie film 135 for use in various types of cameras subminiature

Film Ruler
Film Ruler thingiverse

Just a ruler you measure and cut the film in five frame strips suitable for archive leaves helps.

Film Necklace
Film Necklace shapeways

A short film strip folded upon itself to create a loop. ...Use it in your own jewelry.

Film Row
Film Row grabcad

Iteration end of the proposed idea for drivein theater, downtown Oklahoma City, in the film series. ...This kind of architecture.

Film Ring
Film Ring shapeways

This ring attractive and impressive film, the best thing you have ever worn or owned.Oh I'm just kidding - it's the best he's had.

Film set
Film set 3dwarehouse

This is my first film set, so go easy on me ... I do not have the CAMRA boys and the state and the chair! ...Google has ...

Film Reel
Film Reel thingiverse

... mm 9.5 mm wood.I reel.You for film and adjust the material. ...I think (roll width) = (height of material) + (width of film) + (1 mm) is best. ...If other materials are used, it is very useful for holes.http edition: //www.thingiverse.com/thing: 41,999

Film canister
Film canister myminifactory

Recommends that the dark opaque plastic for use in order to protect the film from light finition. Come in two files. No need for a higher resolution. Print printed details below layer thickness 0.2 mm, with 50% filling. ...This lasted 41 minutes and 9.4...

Borromean7 film
Borromean7 film shapeways

Meshed soap film on rings Borromeo, the number 7 on my website Borromeo, with space in the middle. 130 mm. Warning: I'm doing this just in rigid white plastic. ...It has thin parts and can not be printed in other materials.

Film Capsule
Film Capsule thingiverse

I realized already used only a few people more film that the film is extinct.So capsule slowly, for the sake of a well-organized, versatile tool kit is kept, I made my own. As well as possible, all measures are faithful to the original in the top...

Film Fractal
Film Fractal thingiverse

Setting https://geekhaus.com/math103_fall2017/2017/11/13/film-fractal-carpet/Print Sprinter Brand: Ultimaker Printer: Ultimaker 2 Balsas: No support: nohow I, I designed with a level This level declaration in OpenSCAD begins the file 1 fractal. ...If...

REBUS ABUSES 3D: a singer-actor?
REBUS ABUSES 3D: a singer-actor? cults3d

In cinema theme series © bus abuses © s RÃ francophone: Singer and actor? ......

120 film to 127 film cutter
120 film to 127 film cutter thingiverse

I have to cut the film 120 for my old format cameras 127. ...safety razor blades used.

620 Film to 35mm film Adaptor
620 Film to 35mm film Adaptor thingiverse

Be sure to wrap the film in the camera in complete darkness and load, even under Safelite [I know from experience :(] pressure adjustment Sprinter Brand: Wanhao Printer: Wanhao Duplicator Plus i3 rafts: Yes Compatible: No Resolution: 0.2 ± 3 filler:...

126 film cartridge for 35mm film
126 film cartridge for 35mm film thingiverse

I was not able to hire any free 126 3d printable download and nothing was found, so this is for everyone with an Instamatic camera or compatible home.I had to remove the retaining pin film in the camera, that was harmful boreholes. For this...