Fish fossil pendant rectangular
Fish fossil pendant rectangular shapeways

High precision in great detail! ...This design is based on fossil fish Slate Green River Wyoming found. Skulptures part of the collection. ...For more information:

Fish Fossil Skeleton Pendant
Fish Fossil Skeleton Pendant shapeways

This skeleton is based on a fossil fish. Skulptures part of the collection. For more information: Signed on the back of the trailer. ...Also available in sterling silver with 925 "stamped on the back."

Fish Fossil Pendant With Loop
Fish Fossil Pendant With Loop shapeways

This is a trailer based on a fossil fish from the Green River Shale Formation in Wyoming. The species is toothed Diplomystus. Skulptures part of the collection. ...For more information:

Fish Fossil Lithophane (Enoplosus Pygopterus)
Fish Fossil Lithophane (Enoplosus Pygopterus) thingiverse

This fossil fish Enoplosus pygopterus object is large, either as a reproduction of a fossil relief or origininal wine image lithophane.The as Wikipedia, and shows a fish from 50 million years old, incredibly Sprinter Tighten preserved.Print: rafts...

Fossil Fish
Fossil Fish thingiverse

Credit must go to OZARfor Fishbone.Thanks! ...InstructionsJust scale for your printer ..... This could be printed in two colors if you can pause your pressure when the block is completed, the change filiment then resume printing fish!

Fossil Fish Multi colors
Fossil Fish Multi colors thingiverse

This is a remix of fossil fish fob.The files Part 1 and Part 2 bused need to split each in two colors you like having to use part of 1.1, 1.2, 2.1 and 2.2Print configuration files Sprinter four together. ...If: rework microdelta Resolution: 0.2 filler:...

Dual Strusion Fossil Fish
Dual Strusion Fossil Fish thingiverse

Printed on a replicator 2 times without raft with a value lower quality. The .stl files were created by importing into SketchUp and then export to MeshMixer. Just made firm and ... some edges are not very clean, but I was more interested in seeing,...

Dual Fossil Fish-Clean
Dual Fossil Fish-Clean thingiverse

I used to use KeyCreator muzz64 file in its original black and white, is divided and exporter of STL

Fossil thingiverse

Amonith fossils


Crabfish fossils


Themenband pressed fossil beach deposits in the mud and sand. This ring is made in a size 7. for other sizes in combination.


Scanning with the 3D scanner MakerBot desktop scanner

Display Stand for 6x5 Fossil
Display Stand for 6x5 Fossil thingiverse

A display stand that for about 6x5x.75 Fossil fish in Substrate.Suitable for a small framed painting, ceramics, etc.

Shell Fossil
Shell Fossil shapeways

fossil Shell

Velociraptor Fossil
Velociraptor Fossil pinshape

Velociraptor fossil stone

Triolobite Fossil
Triolobite Fossil shapeways

trilobite fossil of a model.

Fossil scanned
Fossil scanned thingiverse

A 3D scan of a small fossil.

Mammoth Fossil
Mammoth Fossil thingiverse

Fossil mammoth designed by Devin Montes, who do everything 3D printing channel

Dinosaur Fossil
Dinosaur Fossil myminifactory

This was a fun project! ...I decided to make a fossil of the FDM printed because I thought model layers would make an interesting effect on the model.

Echinoderm fossil
Echinoderm fossil thingiverse

3D image of the surface of a fossil ophiuroid-stylophoran made bed.For more details: ML Reid Taylor Bordy EM WL le Roux Du Plessis SG A (2018): Data carrier for micro data computer tomography X-ray echinoderms fossils in an old obrution bed: a robust...

Helix Fossil
Helix Fossil thingiverse

... for advice whenever you need to do. Lost in a maze of tiles one way? See Helix Fossil. Fight for his life against rival? See Helix Fossil. Not sure what to get Eevee Evolution, or wait instead of Lapras? Helix Fossil has its answers. ...helix praise

Dome Fossil
Dome Fossil thingiverse

A fossil of the vault by the ridiculously popular Twitch plays pokemon current. Some people suggested that I make a model to go with the fossil propeller. So here it is. ...Also included is a version with a loop so that it can use it as a pendant.

Plant fossil
Plant fossil thingiverse

Artur fossil plants in Pacyga scanned by Dr. Franek Hasiuk the GeoFabLab (Department of Geology and Atmospheric Sciences, Iowa State University). ...Scan specifications: Scanned with 3D scanner MakerBot desktop scanner is set in the dark ""

Trilobite fossil
Trilobite fossil thingiverse

This is a scan of a fossil trilobites sampled capture 123d, 123d fixed in meshmixer and design.Print establishment of brand Sprinter: RepRapPrinter: Prusa I3 mk2Rafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: 0.2Infill: 5%

Fern Fossil
Fern Fossil thingiverse

A photocopy of Autodesk Chronicle of a 300 million year old fossil ferns front near Coal City, Illinois about 65 years. The STL file is full scale. a version 2 along the z scale is also provided. See

Fossil Watch
Fossil Watch grabcad

Recently a model Fossil my watch. There are about 10 to 12 hours of modeling time that went into this. Co-Create Background (I think) This is one of the first personal things I've modeled in SolidWorks. ...We hope you enjoy all this model, please hold...

Helix Fossil
Helix Fossil

A fossil of Helix plays I made for the current popular Pokemon Twitch absurd. I have also a version as a pendant on request. ...Helix InstructionsThe The photo is printed on a 3D Systems 460plus, but should FDM printers fine print.

Plesiosaurus Fossil
Plesiosaurus Fossil thingiverse

macrocephalus seen as Jurassic fossils in Auckland War Memorial Museum in New Zealand.A juvenile plesiosaur fossil plesiosaur macrocephalus to print, frame and proudly display their hydrophilic dino-Jurassic-hydrophilic nature or. Or maybe just you...

Dinosaur Fossil
Dinosaur Fossil

There is no limit to the ways that use this mini-dinosaur fossil head is versatile. You can put a string through the loop and an earring, a necklace (which was the original idea) to make, easy to hang on a wall, make a keychain, or keep a closet with...

Fish cults3d