INON Z240 Knob Extension


A knob extension for the Inon Z240 underwater strobe to make fiddling with gloves on a teeny bit easier. took ages to get it to fit and I suspect you might find different tolerances depending upon which printer you use. It seems that the...

Boton Inon Z240


Diseñado para la comodidad del buceador incluso con guantes gruesos. ...

Snoot for INON S-2000


This is a Snoot for INON S-2000 Underwater Flashlight Build Plate Adhesion Brim 4mm

My View of a Datsun Z240


Datsun Z240 - one of my Dreamcars :-) Retro -Classic - Car

INON Optical Cable D Connector


I had broken the threads on my INON optical cable D. New cables cost $100+. So this is a replacement for the connector. The Strobe I am using with this is the D-2000 Type 4. The threads were a bit tight at first but they work quite well after...

Snoot for Inon S-2000 underwater flash


3 different Snoots for Underwater photography with Inon S-2000 Flash

Underwater photography snoot with beam splitter


The design is fairly modular: - **Snoot body** The basic piece of the snoot (snoot_body.stl) - **Strobe interface** Included are interfaces for Inon Z240 and Z330. Others can be easily designed (just make sure that the opening is directly above...

Double Diopter flip for Nauticam Macro port and 2 INON diopters


This a holder/flip for Nauticam Macro port and 2 different INON diopters. Features sunken nut casings. The diopter holders are customized for those I have. There is no guarantee that they fit for you. I highly recommend that you go to tinkerCAD...

Snoot für Inon S-2000 with lense


I took the original snoot and rebuilt it in Fusion 360 so I could add a lense and a hole for a cord. I decided to go with a bottle like screw cap to integrate the lense. I had to guess the measurements from the stl but got lucky and it fit right...

Cottage Safeda


All inOne Material 8k + Glass

Repair LEGRAND 84520


Pièce de réparationen impression 3D au format STL, et natif au format DWGréparation des interrupteurs Legrand IN-ONE gamme saganeréférence : Lgd 84520 ( Sagane inter double InOne)

HP Elitedesk 800 2.5" HDD SSD mounts


This is the adapter for installing 2.5" HDD or SSD into the 2.5" tray of a HP EliteDesk 800 G1, or HP Z240, or some other HP computers. You need to print 4 of them and use M3 countersunk screws appropriate length (8-10 mm). ... Install as pictured.

Ender 3 auto shutdown


You have to orient stl before printing. ... and add end gode which goes up axis after print. END G CODE: M109 R 40 ;Cooling hotend to 40 degrees G90 ;Absolute Positioning G1 Z240 ;Goes up to Z 240 to turn off machine.

Underwater Strobe toslink adapter


A strobe adapter so cheap (£1) toslink cables can be attached to strobes with an INON thread (in my case an ikelite fibre adapter). Cheap toslink cables have proved reliable underwater and are low-cost enough to have a spare in the bag. ...Previously I...

Modern Interior furniture 3D Model Collection


This is a collection of interiors models great to add details to your rooms / appartment.All model are created inon Maya but there are most used format such as fbx and 3dsmax. If you need specific formats do not esitate to ask. ... it includes 6...

25mm ball clamp for Underwater Photography strobe arm


Similar to INON, Ikelite, Sea&Sea, etc 25mm (or 1 inch for the Americans) ball joint for use with a underwater strobe arm. These things are typically anodized Aluminum and $25 each for the cheap Chinese versions and $50 for the USA company ones...

Ikasleak taldekatzeko eskumuturrekoak


Eskumuturrekoen argazkia Twitter-en aurkitu banuen ere ( hauen jatorrizko fitxategiak ez ditut inon aurkitu, beraz, neure diseinu propioak partekatzen ditut hemen, FreeCAD aplikazioarekin...

Ender 3 Auto Shutdown after print system


M109 R 40 ;Cooling hotend to 40 degrees G90 ;Absolute Positioning G1 Z240 ;Goes up to Z 240 to turn off machine. Then you are good to go. I know there is problem with accesing power buttin to turn it on, for the moment you can simply use a...

Jörmungandr ring


We're going inon bee power. Ready, boys? Affirmative! Good. Good. Easy, now. That's it. Land on that flower! Ready? Full reverse! Spin it around! - Not that flower! The other one!- Which one? - That flower.- I'm aiming at the flower! That's a...