Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Arrow


A fulfilled request for an arrow from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Creamstarter(JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)


It is the stand of Hot Pants, Creamstarter from Steel ball run/JoJo's bizarre adventure. I figured you guys would like it considering the fact that I can't find a free model for it anywhere. I can't guarantee that this will be too great for printing...

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Dio


I wanted to print Dio without his stand, so i remixed Bubbaganooosh's thing. Thank you for the model! ... Creator:

JoJo´s Bizarre Adventure Jotaro


This STL and the resulting print are for the buyer's personal use only, and you are not allowed to modify, share or resell my work (Digital or Physical). Please support the artist and his works. ... It is recommended to print them between 10 to 12cm...

Ghiaccio | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: DR


Model extract from the game : Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records Features : Ghiaccio White Album

The Arrow - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure


Just a fun project to recreate the arrow which is a pivotal plot point for many adventures within the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure story.

Star Platinum - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


... ZA WARUDO which i recently uploaded. ... My friend Bubaganoosh is also posing Jojo's Bizarre Adventure characters so check his profile out for quality prints Check out my shop if you don't have a 3D printer and want affordable 3D printed Jojo figures.

Stand Name Keychains-JoJo's Bizarre Adventure


These are keychains I created that have stand name from JoJo's Bizarre adventure on them. One with Part 3's The World, and one with Part 4's Killer Queen Bites The Dust. ...You can customize these to your liking or just ask me to do a stand you want(and...

Echoes Act 3 - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


Echoes Act 3 from Jojos bizarre adventure "kill da ho" and i live by that

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure SAS Stands


Stands for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Super Action Statues In printing software length should be 4in (101.6mm) for both, the text is iffy and probably won't show up well Dimensions are as close as I could get to the real thing but may have some error,...

'Emperor' from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Prop


A friend of mine is a fan of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, so for his birthday I designed the Emperor from the series. It took me about a holiday week to design. It's also my first bigger designing project. I made it because I couldn't really find a...

The World - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


... well Hope you all enjoy it! ... If you don't have a 3D printer or would like a painted version, I sell some Jojo stuff on my etsy store. ...Thanks again

Killer queen jojo's bizarre adventure


... the model and don't forget to share with others! support my free sculptures or get Patreon exclussive models here- even $1 helps a lot to continue sculpting for you-:) thank's for checking my model.have a nice day!

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Yoshikage Kira's Killer Queen Skull


I couldn't find any Jojo's Bizarre Adventure related items, so I decided to make one. this is based off of the skull that is featured on Yoshikage Kira's stand, Killer Queen. This is the plain version. ...UPDATE: ran through a repairer to thicken some...

Chibi Crazy Diamon from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure


Stylized version of Crazy Diamon from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Joseph Joestar battle tendency mask/ jojo's bizarre adventure


The mask used by Joseph Jostar two train in the anime "Jojo's bizarre adventure"

"Pearl Jam" Top Toy - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


Works as a top when printed!Just a quick model I made in commemoration of Episode 10 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Ubreakable "Let's Get Some Italian Food" coming out this past Friday. ...Pearl Jam is the Stand of Tonio Trendy; a master chef...

Jolyne Cujoh - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fan art


Link to the Artstation page: Just a small piece of fan art to celebrate my discovery and subsequent newfound love for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure! Not seen Jolyne in action yet but I loved her design a lot. The model is a ZBrush sculpt that I decimated...

Jojo´s Bizarre Adventure Hamon Training Respirator Mask (Montana Mask)


Since I really Enjoy Jojo´s Bizarre Adveture (Specially Part 2) and i have already seen quite a few memes about how wearing a mask is, indeed, a Jojo reference, I thought I could make a mod for the Montana Mask as the Hamon Training Mask Joseph has...

Jotaro Kujo from “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure” Cookie Cutter - STL


Jotaro Kujo from “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure” Cookie Cutter 3D file format : STL Print Settings I used for my test Print with : Creality Ender 3 Pro My nozzle : 0.4 Resolution (quality) : 0.2 mm Build Plate Adhesion : Brim Supports : No Infill : 100%...

Super Action Statue Stone  JoJo s Bizarre Adventure  3D model


Download Size: 7.5 MB Game Rip: Yes Polygons: 8,219 Vertices: 4,849 3D Scan: No Textures: Yes Materials: Yes UV Mapped: Yes PBR: Yes Rigged: Yes Animated: No Stone Free from JoJos Bizarre Adventure 3D Model Original 3D model of Stone Free from JoJos...

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Dio and The World


Be careful when removing supports off The World's legs.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Killer Queen - Skull Symbols


Killer Queen symbols I made for Karasu Capo's Killer Queen cosplay.

Gyro Zeppeli Speech Plate Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


... Super Action Statue. Gyro's speech telling Johnny to believe in the infinite rotation. Cut the shape after printing and glue to stand. ...You can switch filaments during printing to make the text black or go over the text with a black marker.

Lisa's Pendant (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)


No description provided.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Josuke Higashikata Keychain


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Gamer Kakyoin



JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Ring (Round)


This thing was made with Tinkercad.

Sticky Fingers - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


Sticky Fingers; the stand of Bruno Buccellati Please be careful when removing the support. His zip near on crotch can fall off when doing so. Quite a challenging print due to the pose, may change it to make it easier to remove support. ... ...

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Joseph Joestar (Alternative)


Hey! I designed this alternative model of Joseph for personal print & decided to share it here. I ordered my print in resin, it helped to keep most of details. ... This is combination of these amazing models: