Clip for holding your list on handle of shopping cart

I use index cards for my shopping lists (A7, thickness 0.2 mm) .For shopping handsfree put it to the handlebars of the possibilities! ...1 (25.4 mm) in diameter are shopping cart.Handle good someone asks where these little helpers :-) Instructionsprint...

Shopping list

This is a remix of the shopping list: Forgot Dona € ™ t !!! ...of WillemvD of 56x35mm roll.Now that fits well into a configuration desk.Print Sprinter Brand: Prusa Printer: Prusa Rafts Clone: ​​No supports: No Resolution: 0.2 Filler: 15-25% Notes:...

ABC List for teachers

alaphbet a list of all the letters and capitall for schools and for other purposes.

Set of 2 Deere Trucks 3D model

Set of 2 trucks Deere 3D model is a collection of two 3D models of high quality John Deere dump truck and textures Wagon.All water and materials included.Originally 3D Studio Max 2008.Colors can be modeled you could easily modified. Materials need...

Set of 2 Food Trucks 3D model

Set of 2 3D model Food Trucks hoche this set contains detailed 3D models: On the Fly Eating Food TruckNom Nom Truck Each model in a separate file.Previews V-Max was dictated Ray.3ds file includes two versions: V-Ray and materials standard .ON fly...

Replicator Upgrade List

The PDF attachment is simply a list of links MakerBot Replicator to improve, which (usually) found in Thingiverse.While I love Thingiverse, it is sometimes impossible to find anything you've seen before, regardless of search options. This list only...

Houk-List transition state

Houk-List-state transition organocatalysis.

support to restaurant list

restaurant list of support is used in the field of the towel, the project to a box with a diameter of 10x10 teeth coupling is generated in the inner cover closed

Shopping list clip

I extended this clip to be large enough to be mounted on a shopping cart and have to maintain a commercial list.Print grabber Adjustment Sprinter Brand: Robo 3D printer: R1 + ABS PLA rafts model: it does not support: No resolution: any filling: 15...

To Do List Organizer

Is a stationery designed to organize in the order PLA material support flat horizontal lists.Recommended list are printed with "stitch to secure it to the wall Top.To or something that the double-sided tape . can use the print settings Sprinter...

Linked List Manipulatives

Assigning a pointer is the same as another pointer (eg, p = Start) simply place the nodes so that they can use both these techniques nest in the same node on opposite sides.Students to simulate the processes of: adding an element to the top of the...

Euro cart list keeper

This is one of counterfeit euros, prevents loss of your shopping list, so keep, always with Sprinter Set youprint: Rappy Balsas: This is not compatible with the subject: no matter Resolution: 0.2 Filling: 20% notes: print the STL files as indicated

Bucket List Sign

Really makes a list of things you will not regret doing when you take out with his feet? This sign on the back is 1.8 mm and 1.5 mm high cards. ...You can switch to 2 mm height Colors pause.

To Do list holder

This nifty item will keep your notes or lists, along with a pen or pencil.

Shopping list dispenser

I have this type of list buying metal dispensers for a few years in my kitchen and it is very handy.I challenged me to do the version to experience the fusion 360 to learn drawing and pressure of a 3D printed with my first printer 3D, have one of the...

Reminder- todo list

... for use with 3-inch x 4 inch adhesive notes. But after the disappearance of purple adhesive pressure Elmer and paper sheet configuration works better.Print Sprinter Brand: FlashForge printer: Search Balsas: Not compatible with: No Resolution: 0.1 mm

fridgemagnet shopping list

I have, so I can hang my shopping list on the refrigerator. ...Attached to a magnetic only old if you were at home on his back.

Shopping list stand

The sharp edge it cuts the role perfectly, so you can easily get your shopping list state (see photo) is required: PencilPaper paper something to stick the paper to the shopping list use a small tool strips plugs them somewhere Sprinter print...

receipt paper shopping list

how to write better surfaceif a simple nut or screws then a Fender washer M8 washer or sand are recommended thesis paper the maganets i Your Filesif Select'm insurance with you if I can test this pressure wire include, .for this pressure needs 2...

Fridge List/Pen Holder

I have to make this list holder / pen with magnet on the fridge. You backboard plate slips behind the plastic bar and grab the pen (Pilot G2) on the side and you are good to go. We use this shopping list to register and can be notes. ...I pressed in 1 /...

Shopping list V2

This support shopping list is an additional ofhttps: // 703726The writing is longer, has a new pen holder and easer transport.It printed paper in one piece. Pay attention to the correct print position (see photo). It is...

Larger shopping list

A larger and adjusted wdreumel shopping list version. I was not able to find any role that would fit in the original design, so I made one that rolls from a cash register in attacks work. a paper 80 mm long and 75 mm diameter is maintained. I used a...

Index Plate (Adjustable List)

I needed a plate index for a specific project and then realized that change was a bonus for other projects in a position to Encode in OpenSCAD are easy to make change.There two versions: Angle "for production of the Ring holes in increments of an...

Shopping List / Notepad

I liked the original, but a sufficiently large version having a 80 mm wide and 80 mm diameter.Given much greater weight of 80 x 80 to the rollers (335g) wanted, and a core diameter of only 12, 5 mm, a single side-arm would not work. Therefore, it...

Shopping list holder

My first attempt at Thingiverse, please be kind. ...In the case of matters not, I hesitate.How ThisDesigned with Blender for the first time to use Blender when I repeat that I had to use the merger 360a

Shopping list helper

last several days and creativity was not the highest point of it, but I have to do this thing.I some imams who asked for some time and used properly with this thing. Not spectacular, but in any case, your life will be easier. ...You can also enjoy...

LED list clamps

These terminals can maintain i3 framework to receive beautiful lighting on your output LED bar at the top of Prusa. Just connect the LED 12 V cable to the power supply and provide an on / off switch in the middle. The hole in brackets are there if...

Shopping List: Fridge Magnet

encourage you to download the file mackerel and customize the size of your magnet. Pen Holder with exposed magnets Pen Holder (left-handed / right-handed) with hidden magnets (left-handed / right-handed) No pen holder (use with magnetic table pen or...

Autodesk Inventor iLogic Code to List Names of Drawing Views

See below for a detailed description.

3mm Military Anti-Grav Cargo Trucks (12pcs)

This is a set of twelve 3 mm (1/600) anti-gravitational scale military trucks.