Nerf Rival Khaos Rev Trigger


Nerf Rival Khaos Rev trigger. Someone lost theirs, I took up the torch, took mine apart, and got it modeled. There are two versions of the file. ...One has my weak attempt at 1 minute grip emulation, and one doesn't.

Nerf Rival Khaos Sling Mounting Hardware


I designed this to fit over a nerf khaos blaster. It matches the contours of the shoulder rest and requires the hole on the rest to be enlarged and made into a through hole to fit an m3 bolt. The m3 bolt is secured on the mount itself with an...

Nerf Rival Khaos Mag Holster (Molle)


This is not the finished version as i plan to make it top load as well. So as long as you don't care about how it sits in the "cup" this will hold your mag securely even while running (May require lite sanding to "Friction tab", depends on printer...

Nerf Rival Rechargable NIMH Adapter for Nemesis, Khaos, Hera


... Place battery into the tray and connect. Attach the last printed piece with machine screws to secure the battery in place. If you want more detail, read here:

Nerf Rival


3D printed nerf rival

Nerf Khaos Loading Funnel


**Nerf Rival Khaos speedloader funnel** = **Load the Nerf Rival Khaos magazine faster than ever before!** - Thing:4878245 has not reached its full potential but should in the near future.

Nerf Khaos Battery cover


Battery cover for Nerf Rival Khaos, did not have one to model after so this is my own interpretation. ...

Part Rival zeus Nerf


Separator of Nerf Rival Zeaus

nerf rival mag holder


nerf mag holder for rival rails. Nothing more. ...pls let me know how it works.

Nerf Rival Gear Replacement


Middle gear from Nerf Rival. ...Edit: Uploaded one with the correct height and modified hole size.

Sight for Nerf Rival


This thing was created for the Nerf Rival Kronos Sorry for the bad pics.

nerf rival mag holster


nerf rival mag holster, left or right side. ...loops through belt holds 2 mags each and fits all rival mag types.

Nerf Rival Magazine Clip


so I made a nerf rival tactical rail magazine clip. Not much more to be said. ...So yea...

Nerf Rival Perses Trigger


Trigger for Nerf Rival Perses. will only work with upgraded switches. ... works perfectly with the Perses rev trigger by haphazardlynamed

reflex nerf rival sight


One-print nerf rival sight, no further action needed, make sure you print it face-down though.

Nerf Rival Fast Mag


# Nerf Rival Fast Mag An attachment for quickly swapping between magazines. Fill the other magazine as you go. The space between the magazine holders can fit up to 6 additional rival balls. ...Only works with 12 round magazines.

Nerf Rival Scope


For those who are looking for a nerf scope compatible with nerf rival. I will upload pics sooner or later. you may have to sand the end cap. ...please post your prints!

Nerf Rival RMR


An RMR style sight for Nerf rival blasters. In V3 I added a Iron sight post for easier aiming. ...I have also included the fusion 360 file for easier customization.

plastic nerf rival dart


This is a plastic nerf rival dart I have yet to try it but you might need a larger diameter or smaller please try it and tell me if it works.

Nerf Rival Grip


Foregrip Designed for the Nerf Rival Perses will also work on the Khaos. Hardware is a #10-32 x 1-1/4" machine screw and nut. ...Might require minor filing to get it to fit nicely due to tolerances.

Nerf rival silencer


This is a prop silencer for Nerf rival Nerf guns. it contains the same features as a real silencer, but fit specifically for the Nerf Helios xviii-700 blaster. 4x M3 screws and bolts are necessary, but if you have glue, that works also. As well as...

Nerf Rival Ball Collector


Inline adapter for Shop-vac that allows dirt through but ejects Nerf Rival balls into a quick-attach hopper for easy collection. Designed with loose tolerances so it can be printed with a 0.6mm nozzle with thick layers. ... Assembly/use video:...

Nerf Rival Apollo Rail


Coworker got a Nerf Rival Apollo and an extra magazine, which came with clips so you could put the magazine on the rail on the gun. ...However we both thought it kinda looked silly to have the big magazine hanging off the front of the gun, so after a...

Nerf Sight RIVAL


Here is a Nerf Sight that I made only for the Rival gun's.. At least the Helios.. I don't have other guns to try it on.. I am assuming the rails are the same dimensions... -Assembly- Put a dab of super glue on a piece of paper and hold the...

Nerf Rival Rail Sights


These are sights for NERF RIVAL rails. The design is based on the speed loader mounts of Andrew_Overby. I reduced it to the rail mount, shortened it and then attached sights onto it. There is also a small borehole to lock it in place on the rail.

Nerf Rival Kronos Holder


This holder is designed to vertically store a Nerf Rival Kronos. It has a thick base to lower the center of gravity and prevent it from tipping along with a snug fit to keep the blaster secure. It can be vertically stored on a shelf or mounted on a...

Nerf rival Assist


The nerf rival assist is an automated nerf gauntlet and turret the shoots nerf rival bullets with the press of a button. What makes this special is that it can be controlled from far away because it uses an IR sensor. The Nerf rival assist has proven...

Nerf Caliburn - Rival


CHANGE NOTE 08/07/19 - Magwell Updates CHANGE NOTE 08/07/19 - Updated Rmuzzle and TrenchR CHANGE NOTE 04/24/19 - Minor revision to RTooth4 CHANGE NOTE 01/11/19 - Updated RMagRelease2 to fix compatibility issue with new Rival mags with the "stairs"...

Nerf Rival GoPro mount


Just a simple GoPro mount for Rival Rail

Working Nerf Rival Catapult


This is a catapult that fires Nerf Rival rounds. Some superglue is required for assembly. The spin rod itself should not be glued, it can be inserted in any number of holes, raising or lowering the trajectory of the catapult. This is one of...