Kkaarrlls Playwood

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Birch playwood nightstand with accessories 3D model

Birch plywood boards night and accessories 3D model birch Playwood night with accessories (1x night lamp 1x, photo frame 1x bucket 2x decorative candle 1x, magazine 2x, small vase 2x) files containing: materials (MAT), textures, FBX, OBJ, Renderer -...

Greg adapter in playwood

the problem of plastic adapter that deforms at elevated temperatures for a long time wading, wood solve this problem more offers the opportunity to fix the hot end with a brace to stiffen and prevent shaken by damage to impressions .

Playwood cnc Rev4

CNC plywood Rev4

Multiplex - Playwood Connector

He was to combine looking for an easy way plywood sheets on a stable platform for customized shelf DIY. I saw something similar in the next hardware store, but the price was so far from what I expected. The design was so simple and easy to build my...

MR Note Holder

... ... ...I thought you made 95mm x 95mm is notes.This loading paper standard model laser cutting - 3 mm materials using plywood 3 mm, but also acrylic they can be used as long as the thickness is 3 mm. I use the material Playwood 300x200mm 3 mm.

Tripod arm hinge

This joint allows the arm to hold the position after angle.The right arm is set to image only 30mm 18mm playwood.Once disc you are using an M6 screw and clamp, the hinge will not stop the position:) for printing with the configuration of the mark...