Robocat 3D model

cat robot model CatModel positrons 3D robocat

Upgrade dir RoboCat Clone

RunCam adapter Robocat Clone -5A ° + 30 ° Akkuhalter

Robocat arm protect

This is an update to the robocat carbon frame.

support mobius pour robocat

Mobius camera support rà © glable pour TAROT Robocat

Protection camera robocat 280

Camera protection fpvTarot robocat pour logiciel avec 280Conception MIXER


Capot et STAR WARS custards façon pour drone Robocat 270je suis en attente de la peinture et surtout of the frame that Robocat

ZMR 250- Robocat style

1.Camera protector.2.Can RX slot. ...crash battery cover Protector.4.Give new look. Robocat inspired design.

Robocat 270 Ledbar

LedBar a small bracket that fits on the back of a robocat 270How I THISMADE Sketchup Designed

Wiring duct Robocat 270

Canaleta Robocat 270.Print Set Brand Sprinter: Printer Anet: A8 Balsas: No Aid: Yes Resolution: 0.25 Filling: 20

Robocat motor guard

Robocat engine protection. Added 2 versions, high-end with holes and a lower version with triangles. ...Both he added without holes.

Robocat 270 Trinket Box

This is a small box that is below the robocat 270 frames, which is the addition of a specialist where you have a trinket.It can put cable openings, and an opening for the USB port trinket.I used to create this my dimed to hide that controls the flash...

bras pour robocat tarot 280

arriere pour brassieres robocat

Runcam holder for RoboCat

... Swift / Eagle or the like on Thea RoboCat Quadcopter. Hangs beautifully on the faceplate of the camera by Thea Robocat frame.Print Sprinter Setting: Qidi TECH X-ONE Balsas: yes Compatible with: Unfilled: 100% Notes: ABS or similar resilience

Robocat 270 - Canopy

More camera angles - no TestedSide 1: Do not share your impressions me.Print Settings TestedPlease Sprinter Brand: - - 1.5mm: RepRap printers: Neo - shelter for Robocat 270Description: 1 See picture Hood normal camera angles Chapel 2 3 mm thick See...

Drone ROBOCAT 270

Toys and say the antenna support Robocat UAV.RX, wire clip CES, Foxeer V2 support https cam equip Some accessories = UTF8 & qid = 1538508967 sr = 1-2 and and keywords = foxeer + v2TX box, boxhttps TX:...

Robocat 270 Collection

In the zip file are parts used in my support Robocat: support Camera LED support (Matek) (Sony) Eachine mount TX526 output cables RX antenna (satellite spectrum) - some two tubes pneumatique with 4mmFront diameter CanopyFor repair parts usally...

RoboCat Multicopter RunCam Holder

If you want to establish a framework Robocat RunCam in your helicopter, you have to drive. Simply print, set in the camera. It is necessary to heat the pins so that the camera is finally set. Print set the mark Sprinter: Ultimaker Printer: Rafts...

Robocat 270 battery tray

I designed this to keep the battery better in my usual Robocat after they broke the canopy. With this and my camera stand with AIO FC / AP / OSD as the DYS F4 leads to build on a very low profile, but a few abuse! Turn the STL to settle it in the...

Robocat lowrider Mk1.

Robocat 270 lowrider mod. It fits 25mm spacers and HS1177 cam.Has a hole in the back of the VTX antenna.I will be low if I get shorter spacers, identification can be as low as possible.I forget to put holes in the front so one drill.Also is to use...

RoboCat 270 Custom Canopy

The Robocat 270 chassis and need to screw www.hobbyking.comYou free: Front Pavilion: Din7380 (or DIN 912) 4x M3x14mmSide parts: Din7380 (or DIN 912) 6x M3x14mmknurled head screw: DIN 912 M3x16mmLED_Matek_5V_Clip 2x: 4x M2x12Look @...

Robocat 270 600tvl mount

I designed this is destroyed after the original glass to my Robocat in an accident. It works very well for me so far. I use around a little sticky foam, the camera support and a cable tie around the chamber and kept in the front of the frame to...

Robocat 270 frame

Robocat 270: controller: http: // ali. pub / 2c96ioFPV Channel: Camera: 3S: googelt...

Robocat 270 FPV camera holder

FPV holder chamber 270. ...Robocat camera angle is set to SettingsRafts greater speeds.Print: No Aid: Yes Resolution: 0.12 Filling: 35

robocat 270 fpv drone keychain

Hi, this is Robocat 270 Key Quadcopter, I did as a real look), I hope you like. ...There are two versions, a hole where you can put a piece of filament 1.75 mm, the hole without antenna, the second antenna is to imitate.

RoboCat - Xiaomi Yi Holder V2

Edit can put in a Robocat copter.You online simply creating a Xiaomi Yi, put the thing on the helicopter. It has two little feet that pass through the long holes at the top, has only two small cable ties...

RoboCat Screwless Motor Protector V3

"This protection is for a Robocat with a length of working arm 111 mm.They like a shoe. Put it around the end of the arm and secure it with a simple small cable ties. this what was done with Tinkercad online edition...

upgrade parts for Robocat 270

I want my sides share build a robocat 270a is not yet ready, but had so many parts of the pages print.The mixed out of this thing again: 2 side panel is easy to use the left is to build Omnibus F4 3.2.0...

Minecraft RoboCat

I think that Minecraft models for 3D printing are ideal, since block designs use is based. ...I designed a hybrid cat Robota, it can be a cool character and mine can be printed as a desktop toy.

Eachine 1000tvl camera mounting for robocat 270

This is Eachine mounting plate 1000 for Robocat camera 270 TVL Quadcopter frame, but also works with any Quadcopter with the same set. To mount the camera to the sole plate or need to unscrew the screws original two chambers of the chamber plate...

Sport camera mounting for robocat 270

This camera mounting sports 270 Quadcopter robocat. U need a camera M4 nut assembly is also used to attach two nuts i nylon and screws for mounting the assembly on the frame. Infil be printed sure you do not lose your camera to 100%. ...Sprinter copy...