Blackburn U-Lock mount for bike


This is my own version of the on-bike mount for the Blackburn Ulock. I recently bought a Trek fx series 7.2 bike from one of my friends and it came with the Blackburn Ulock. My friend said the mount broke off under some stress. Unfortunately,...

Bike lock Mount for U-lock


U-lock mount for bike with 2-inch frame.Cut original U-lock mount to shape and fit of this mount and bolt it to the new mount.

U-lock bike mount


This is a remix of , so that is holding lock at 90 deg of an original angle, letting it only be one which actually holds the lock and ulock itself is without protective rubber ( therefore the diameter is...

U-lock holder for bike


12 mm diameters for bike and 17 mm for the U-locker Voici un support pour cadenas en U pour vélo. Il se fixe sur le côté avec des serflexs, si le U tombe vous pouvez le serrer davantage avec des scratch. Vous avez à disposition le solidworks...

Nokē U-Lock replacement bike mount


Nokē U-Lock's included bike mount doesn't work well with the lock's rubber cover. ...This is a replacement for the misdesigned half of the bike mount.

Lock mount for bike


... should be fixed in this model though. To mount to holder you need two bolts and nuts and it you want extra rigidity you can make the back plate in metal. ...Also if you don't want to scratch the surface of your bike you can put rubber in between.

Bike Adapter for Blackburn Folsom U-Lock


This is an STL file of the bike adapter that comes with Blackburn's Folsom U-Lock. Mine snapped off during one of my rides to work and I simply recreated the same exact lock but beefed up the critical sections to ensure a stronger part that won't...

U-Lock Mount for Handlebar


This is a mount for your bicycle lock which fits on your handlebars. It prints in two pieces which bolt together to hold it on to your handlebars. ...A U-style-lock should be unlocked, fit through the holes, then re-locked.

Another U bike lock


Another U bike lock with one cryptex. I don't know if it is strong enough to serve as a real bike lock, so you have to take the risk when using it. It is composed of a U-pin, and U-slots. ...Other cryptex components can be found in...

U bike lock


U bike lock with two cryptexs (or just one, not sure). I don't know if it is strong enough to serve as a real bike lock, so you have to take the risk when using it. It is composed of a plate, and U-pins. ...Other cryptex components can be found in...

Bike U lock holder


I never knew where to put this Gian clock while riding my bike so I just decided to create a holder for it.

Kryptonite U-Lock clips for rear bike rack


This clip attaches a Kryptonite U-Lock to a typical rear rack for a bicycle. The openscad file has variables defined for tweaking sizing and spacing to match your setup. You'll want to print at least two of these for stability. Now Customizer...

Yet another U bike lock


Yet another U bike lock. I move the cryptex to be between the slots, so that great space is saved. Howerer the main body of the cryptex is need to be fixed. I don't know if it is strong enough to serve as a real bike lock, so you have to take the...

U-lock Mount


I designed a custom mount for my lock Via Velo Bike U-Lock* I've used it for 3 months now and it works great. I often store my bike horizontal in my truck bed and the torque has not effected the mount. I would recommend using loctite. ... *Affiliate...

Snap lock bike mount for Google Pixel


Remix of Snap Lock iPhone 6 Bike Mount by GregFrost for Google Pixel (1st generation). ... Notes: - Case is printed with supports (only touching the bulildplate) - Snap lock is same as the original, except mount has bigger holes for wider cable ties.

Quad Lock Phone Mount for Bike


This is a bike mount for that uses the screwable quad lock male adapter that can be found here ( - I used the short one that has a screw hole in the center. To hold the thing in the bike, just use two zip...

Bike frame mount for Abus Foldable Lock


I believe this is for the "Abus 6000 Bordo Foldable Lock" or "Abus 6000/75 Cycle lock" (the one in the stock photo). But you can and should adjust the measurements for your type of lock. There are 2 models. I think the one with a voronoi pattern...

Bicycle U-lock stand/mount


This mount works perfectly for my U-lock. ... It's for the Abus Mini U-lock



Ever need to mount a Vac-U-Lock dildo to a picatinny rail? Yeah, me neither. Butt here's one anyway. For those late nite 3D printing adventures with the missus. Or mister. I'm not here to judge. I don't have a printer and haven't printed this...

Bike lock mount


Bike U-lock holder to bike top tube. I use this with Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit lock. The bike I use this with has a 31.8mm top tube. Original FreeCAD files included, so you can adjust dimensions if needed. Version two works much better...

Lock Holder for bike


Lock holder for bike

TiGr Lock Bike Mount


The TiGr Mount protects your paint job from being scratched by the ends of the TiGr Lock, and it gives you a place to rest the ends of the lock when it isn't attached by the velcro straps. The TiGr Mount doesn't replace the velcro straps; you still...

Kryptonite Bike Lock Mount


I didn't like the lock mount that came with my bike lock, so I designed and printed this one. You can use it too, as long as your water bottle mounting holes are ~2.5" apart and can fit through a 0.2" through hole. Use an infill >20% so that it's...

Xiaomi M365 U-Lock Mount


This is a U-lock mount for the Xiaomi M365 Electric scooter. It fits a 42mm diameter U-Lock such as the Abus U-mini. ... Installation Hardware: - 2x M5x50mm Machine screw - 2x M5 lock washer - 2x M5 nut

Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit U-Lock Mount


I recently bought a Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit U-Lock and was very disappointed that Kryptonite decided not to include a mount for it. I couldn't find a mount that did exactly what I wanted, so I made my own. It uses one of the water bottle cage...

Ninebot Max U-Lock Mount


A simple and secure mount to attach a u-lock to the Ninebot Max scooter. Uses standard small size u-lock with a 16mm hole for attachment. ...Screws together with 2x M8 screws 20-30mm.

Bracket for Bike Lock


A bracket for attaching a U-shaped bike lock to the bike frame. Non-printable Parts Required: - 4 bolts (maximum 4 mm diameter) (length: short) - 4 nuts - 8 washers This part was customized for a specific bicycle's frame, and therefore probably...

Bike lock mount for on the steering wheel


FREE FILAMENT This is a mount for the lock of my bike. To prevent it from falling of the steering wheel of he bike. This mount can be secured on the bike with a trap.  I've printed this on the side so the curve will be stronger and the arch will be...

Bike Lock Mount - White lyon's bike

thingiverse Instructions Using the following options: screw_head_diameter = 8.0 bar1_width = 8 number_of_screws = 2 lock_distance = 22 bar2_width = 12 split_width = 0.6 height = 40 tube_diameter = 35...

My Customized Bike Lock Mount

thingiverse Instructions Using the following options: wall_thickness = 3 tube_diameter = 26 screw_head_hight = 3.0 length = 48 split_width = 0.6 lock_width = 13 height = 12 screw_diameter = 4.2...