13th Doctor (Post Regeneration) [Custom Pop! Vinyl]
13th Doctor (Post Regeneration) [Custom Pop! Vinyl] thingiverse

Vinyl digital module class composition. IA € ™ ma Die Hard Whovian since 2012, thought it would be fun personalized medical ™ € Whittakerâ Jodie s in the last composition.If the model does write load properly, there is another version sktchfab.How...

Vinyl_Post_Cap_v3 thingiverse

Fence Post Cap Insert for Vinyl Picket Fence
Fence Post Cap Insert for Vinyl Picket Fence shapeways

a lid that a palisade standard vinyl replicates

4 Inch Fence Post Cap for Vinyl Fences / Sleeves
4 Inch Fence Post Cap for Vinyl Fences / Sleeves thingiverse

Do not try to print it in (unless you do not want to prove I'm wrong) - not work.2) Select as "to print the configuration Enable support wing: Yes Requires Support: Yes (I marked" work in progress " because i want three or four prints successfully in...

Vinyl_Post_Cap_v2_small_chamfer thingiverse

4 inch PVC Tube (vinyl fence post) Cap- used as LiPo battery box
4 inch PVC Tube (vinyl fence post) Cap- used as LiPo battery box thingiverse

I designed this for use as a tube Li-Po battery for my e-bikes and additional supports for post Anderson and DB25 (DB25 for cell level monitoring / balancing) power. I have included both tailor-made version and an "empty" cap supplied SketchUp file...

Vinyl Fence Post Cap 2.75" x 4.75"
Vinyl Fence Post Cap 2.75" x 4.75" thingiverse

(Bufftech) Chesterfield Vinyl Fencing
(Bufftech) Chesterfield Vinyl Fencing 3dwarehouse

BPB fence rail and roof systems

VINYL thingiverse

Post 3dwarehouse

Only a common entrance, with quotFollow & Me & quot tool. ...& # 39s is easy to do, but I thought & # 39d post here anyway. ...#Pole #Post #Stick

4x4 Post Caps
4x4 Post Caps thingiverse

Some are 92 square mm and some are 88 mm square (bottom inside dimensions) to fit the post, light (abot0.5mm) is smaller, are provided therefore for extrusion width two counterbored to # 4 screws are countersunk head to be attached to LulzBot mark...

Vinyl sheet
Vinyl sheet grabcad


Vinyl cleaner
Vinyl cleaner grabcad

vinyl cleaner

4 inch PVC tube (vinyl fence post) glue-on or press-fit cap
4 inch PVC tube (vinyl fence post) glue-on or press-fit cap thingiverse

This version has no mounting holes and is designed as a removable pressure adjustment are caught in the act or used.

Vinyl Fence
Vinyl Fence 3dwarehouse

5 'high vinyl fence. ...Configurable.

Vinyl Scratch
Vinyl Scratch thingiverse

Holy crap, finally! ...vinyl zero MLP

Ghostly Vinyl
Ghostly Vinyl thingiverse

Multipurpose vinyl figurine.Grooves Ghostly party.

Vinyl Holder
Vinyl Holder thingiverse

This is a support adjustable vinyl all listeners of conformist vinyl whomst've

Vinyl Stand
Vinyl Stand pinshape

... itself is. The proposal represents both a vinyl and cabin entertainment piece.Either for cleaning or buffering or vinyl showing maintains records vinyl backing without touching the groove. ...When not in use, the support is seen as a work of art.

Vinyl Holder
Vinyl Holder

wall mounting, holderDON'T USE vinyl whateverthehellyouwanttodoable this yet still work the DESIGN

Vinyl Holder
Vinyl Holder

Hey guys, this is just a single stop solution vinyl. Nine items are mounted on the wall, creating have slots for up to four Vinyls 12 (also flaps setting) .The model contains no brackets, etc. Regards! ..."

vinyl scratch
vinyl scratch

... stupid face vinyl: it's bad .... oh my badmy Internet, so you may need to get stlcaution export vinyl with sunglasses: untested, and not scale standard bed sizes. ...again sorry for the whole polysuniversal Reference Sheet: http://sta.sh/05gdjzyi2cs

Vinyl clock
Vinyl clock thingiverse

... 3D is an impression of any number (12,3,6,9) and eight of those little bars (a different color for use) . 2D and sheets using the PDF as a guide for fixing the pieces with hot / superglue in the vinyl surface. ...Done!

CITIZEN VINYL thingiverse

This is the form of vector stickers of a civil shield vinyl (Part 02) - please refer citizenriotshield.com for more information and other parts of this project.How I designed in Adobe Illustrator ThisDesigned

Vinyl Stand
Vinyl Stand

Vinyl dimensions before: Part 1: 91.4 x 27.29 x 51.4 mm.Part 2: 104.92 x 76.15 x 12 mm.Sign: 118.77 x 61.56 x 26.16 mm adjustment. ...Print Sprinter Brand: printer Anycubic: All -Metall supports Mega: Yes Resolution: 0.2 strand: PLA Notes: only support...

Vinyl spacer
Vinyl spacer thingiverse

InstructionsI got some of these very nice separators records Monorail, Glasgow, and wanted to make a print for some time, such as vinyl separators Thingiverse I was not as sharp (very large portions - many unnecessary plastic). I scanned the original...

Marine/Car Battery Post Caps
Marine/Car Battery Post Caps thingiverse

to protect terminals of the battery caps the battery post unused boats, cars ... Most of the coverage of the positive contribution it, and less negative post.Printed in CHEETA must be a sprinter fit configuration. Print fairly tight: Original Prusa...

Double Spinner Post and Caps
Double Spinner Post and Caps thingiverse

I should use a scale Prusa MK2 and used with two filament layers BAM TACK, printed without perftect.I wing tops and on the edge of 2 mm post.I no spinners designed and I 2 for demo .https printed: // www .youtube.com / watch? ...v = DghUpOcaJkg and...

Ikea Nyvoll Bed Post Caps
Ikea Nyvoll Bed Post Caps thingiverse

To print head (which means a flat part at the top) and push down on the top of each post. The idea is that you can put a spherical upper limit on each bedpost that softens both the top and sides, the corners do about pain push to reduce them. No...


The thing was done with Tinkercad. ...Edit online https://www.tinkercad.com/things/9nIT9KYMOVr