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2.25x3.25" Sheet Film Paterson Tank Insert


SUCCEEDED BY ALL-NEW DESIGN ______________________________________________________________________ I'll leave this Thing and my notes, but please check out the new Thing in the link above. Update 4/26/21: v1.4 print has been tested with both film sizes. 6.5x9 fits beautifully with only edge contact, but 2.25x3.25 is a little bit tight. My template was a little narrower than the actual film. The sheet whose non-emulsion side touched the wall ended up with a streak of uncleared anti-halation layer which had to be washed again. Therefore I recommend that if printing v1.5 load no more than six sheets to prevent them touching the walls. I will be adjusting this design to better fit, and maybe I'll be able to fit six sheets of 6.5x9cm as well. The "cap" may not be needed after all, as long as the sheets are held and the inversions are gentle. Update 4/23/21: Prototype (v1.4) has been printed. It's sturdy, fits both film sizes, and required minimal edge sanding. However the center hole was quite tight and required a lot of sanding. v1.5 is identical to v1.4 but with the center hole enlarged by 1.5mm so as to not depend on sanding to fit the Paterson spindle, with any normal shrinkage. Scaling is not recommended, because 2.25x3.25 would begin to fit too loosely that it may shift during development. Created a basic disc that should suffice as a cap to keep any 2.25x3.25 sheets from sliding up during inversions. It's not recommended for 6.5x9 sheets because those are already snug and they extend above the top of the insert. Original note: I have made several revisions to the design, and it seems just about ready for printing a prototype, however I have not yet had the opportunity. 6.5x9 should stay put during inversions, but 2.25x3.25 will require a cap of some sort to prevent the sheets from moving out, particularly the outer ones. ____________________________________________________________________ This insert fits on the original center column of the standard size Paterson tank. It can hold nine sheets of 2.25x3.25 film, or three sheets of 6.5x9cm (2.5x3.5). It is designed to be easy to load and unload and allow for adequate chemistry circulation regardless of which direction the film is facing. The model is designed to not require supports while printing, however I do recommend a raft. Cubic infill is recommended, and the amount may not make a significant difference. I strongly recommend limiting combing to stay within the infill, as this model has a complex shape that makes it more likely to string. It's important that there are no gaps in the shell where chemistry could get in, so I recommend at least 3 shell layers, or about 1.2mm. After printing, you will want to sand any rough edges, particularly where the film will be, as well as the center hole for easy fitment onto the Paterson center column.

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