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380 ACP / 9mm Kurz Snap Caps V1.0.1


<p>3D printed snap caps, dimensions of a 380 ACP / 9mm Kurz cartridge.</p><p>Two variants are available:</p><p>*FMJ<br>*Hollowpoint<br><br><br><br>Update: Fixed the advised scaling setting; originally stated to scale +/- .1%, but the intended scaling was meant to be +/- .01%<br><br><br><br>Print Settings:</p><p>Extruder: 218C&nbsp;<br>Bed: 56C&nbsp;<br>First Layer Print Height: .18mm&nbsp;<br>Standard Layer Height: .1mm - .14mm<br>Wall Thickness: .40&nbsp;<br>Wall Perimeters: 7+<br>Infill: 30%+<br>Infill Pattern: Gyroid<br>Material Flow: 100%</p><p>(Highly advisable to print 3+ copies on a single build plate)</p><p>Depending on your machine's settings, you might need to scale +/- .01% for best fit of snap caps into the chamber.</p><p><br><br>Accreditation:</p><p>Eyeliketurtles: Many thanks for printing and testing the design; as well as providing video footage and photographs. Tested in their Bersa Thunder 380, and their KelTec P3AT. Tested both Hollowpoints and FMJ variants.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;</p>

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With this file you will be able to print 380 ACP / 9mm Kurz Snap Caps V1.0.1 with your 3D printer. Click on the button and save the file on your computer to work, edit or customize your design. You can also find more 3D designs for printers on 380 ACP / 9mm Kurz Snap Caps V1.0.1.