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4x5 sheet film holder double sided


**THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS AND UNTESTED ATM** 4X5 SHEET FILM HOLDER print amounts: latch- 2 middle- 1 middle TB - 2 TB - 2 darkslide - 2 glue together after printing UPDATE: the darkslide and middle top and bottom parts have been reworked. the darkslide now needs to be between the middle section and the top section when glueing those pieces together. when glued in this way the darkslide will NOT be able to be removed, but when fully pulled up, will act as a light trap

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With this file you will be able to print 4x5 sheet film holder double sided with your 3D printer. Click on the button and save the file on your computer to work, edit or customize your design. You can also find more 3D designs for printers on 4x5 sheet film holder double sided.