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4x5 Sheet Film Reel for Daylight Developing Tanks


This film reel holds 6 sheets of 4x5 film for developing in a daylight processing tank. It has been tested in a Jobo 1526 tank, but should work in most tanks which can hold at least 3 35mm reels and have a 1" center core. Instructions Print both halves. Thoroughly clean the spiral grooves with a knife and sand paper. any bump will make loading the film impossible. Glue the two haves together. To load, start with the two inner most slots, gently hold the leading edge of the film pressing it inward to encourage it to follow the spiral curve. Make sure the end tucks under the retaining ridge at the inside of the core. If developing fewer than 6 sheets, load so that the outer most slots are full and the inner slots are empty.

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