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9mm Dry Fire Barrel Blocker


This device blocks the chamber/barrel and provides visual indication of a cleared weapon for dry fire practice. Installation: 1. Clear all live rounds from room. 2. Visually and physically inspect the firearm to ensure it is unloaded. 3. Lock the slide back. 4. Insert threaded 9mm round large hole first into the chamber through the ejection port and push all the way in. 5. Insert visual indicator into front of barrel and push all the way in while threading it into the threaded 9mm round in the chamber (it might help to simultaneously press the back of threaded 9mm round to prevent it from popping out of the chamber). or Release the slide (ensuring that the threaded 9mm round stays in chamber) and thread the visual indicator in through the front of the barrel. 6. You are ready to begin dry fire exercises. Removal: 1. Unthread visual indicator and remove from barrel. 2. Lock the slide back. 3. Flip the visual indicator around and use the non-threaded end to send down the barrel to remove threaded 9mm round from chamber. ***UPDATE*** Replaced with V2 which has fatter/stronger threads.

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