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9mm JamCap V3 (Malfunction Practice Snap Cap)


I saw a double feed practice round while looking for a snap cap model and really liked the concept but the execution just wasn't there so I made my own. These will fit in-between standard rounds or other snap caps but not consecutively. I originally designed and tested these with a Sig P365XL so take caution when testing with other guns. !!!WARNING: These can and will jam up inside of OEM Glock mags!!! I did not know that Glock mags are tighter front to rear than Sig when designing this. I cannot speak for non-OEM mags as I don't own any. Consider filing down the tip, printing with a scaled down height, or remixing to blunt the ball. I will test and upload a new version when I get the chance but I can't say when that it. Demo: Note: I was experimenting with text on the model in the video but removed it because it didn't turn out well and added failure points. *Minimum Print Settings* Bot Layers: 8+ (prevent rim from breaking) Wall Count: 4 (case likes to get crushed by slide) Infill Amount: 50%+ (again prevent crushing) Nozzle Temp: 210+ (improve layer adhesion) Orientation: Vertical (rim on bed) I print mine at 10 bottom layers, 4 walls, 0.2mm layer height, 50% infill, 210-215 nozzle. Honestly just go 100% infill on the higher end of temp for w/e filament you pick and you'll be good to go. Idk why I always try to get away with minimum filament use when it's cents difference. Inspiration:

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