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9mm Universal Speed Loader


9mm Universal Speed Loader. Holds seven (7) 9mm Luger rounds at a time. Up to eight (8) adjustment screws can be used, but only four (4) are needed. Tested and working on Glock 19 and CZ Scorpion EVO 3. Print ABS/PLA Recommended Necessary Components (all others optional): 1 x "9MM_UNIVERSAL_SPEED_LOADER.stl" 4-8 x "Screw.stl" Note: Steel screws can be used in place of the 3d printed plastic ones. Version 2 includes additional guide rails on the loader as well as a compatible hand press if you do not wish to use the table-top method of loading. Screws are meant to simply center your magazine onto the loading port. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN SCREWS. Magazine should fit snuggly within the speed loader, but not too tightly as to make it difficult to slide on and off I do all my work for free, but if you enjoy my prints and please do consider donating as it helps me out a lot and I truly do appreciate it! Any contribution helps greatly! TIP VIA THINGIVERSE: TIP VIA VENMO: @ItsAustinSea

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