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9mm X 4.25mm X 1.5mm Washer


I made this to be a 9mm OD washer with a 4.25mm ID hole and 1.5mm thickness, for use as replacements/additionals for the Robo 3D extruder tension screws. The reality of it is that it printed for me at a snug 4mm (still getting my head around inflation), but that actually turned out to be a mad bonus. They actually thread on easily and don't fly off when you let go of the compressed springs - the threads keep them caged to the bolts. Oh happy day; now I don't have to chase washers all over the house every time I slip and let one of the tension screws fly free. Now I can have as many or as few washers on the bolts to better play with filament tension, and my success can now be yours! B-) In The Photo - Yeah baby, that's aluminum under them washers! :-). Print Settings Printer Brand: Robo 3D Printer: R1 ABS + PLA Model Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: Whatever you like. Infill: 100% or so many perimiters that it doesn't matter, Notes: Although I designed this for use for the Robo 3D tension screws, they make a good generic washer for a lot of things. Stretch the height, width, depth to suit your needs. Printed in PETG or ABS, they'll take a lot of abuse, but you can also print in PLA for less abusive ends, just watch that they will never have to get hot or you'll have gaskets in no time, lol. These print godawful fast at 0.2mm, so I strongly reccomend printing a bunch at once to prevent globbing/warping during print (each gets a chance to cool). I printed 36 of them at once on my first attempt, and they all came out beautifully in actually slightly less than a minute each, 35 minutes total. I'll never want for a plastic washer again, THANK YOU ROBO 3D! Oh, one last thing. I print with Simplify 3D and each time I load this, it complains about the part being very small and perhaps in inches format. Perhaps NOT. If you get such a warning, asking you if you want to change the format, DON'T. Let it load without changes, and it will work fine as intended. How I Designed This The Elves were on vacay so I took over in the R&D Dept. I slipped with a tiny Elf donut, and it bumped together with a piece of filament, and presto, a tiny plastic disc was born. I thought, "Wow... This is really tragic, I'm out of donuts now and I'll never have any use for this disaster of a part!" Then I slipped up with my tension screw on my Robo 3D, lost a metal washer and grabbed the first thing I could find - the Plastic Mini Elf Donut, or PMED for short. It worked so well that I eventually changed the name to "Washer". I'm kidding. I'm just having a REALLY bad week with the printer. Made this in a desperate attempt to get somewhere with it.

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