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9th Edition Wound Counters


Update: - added a 30 wound blank counter, and a KX139 30 wound counter top. Updated the .pdf files hosted on dropbox to include a dial face for 30 wounds. - added the marker light counters I'd made and previously never uploaded. This is an updated version of Wound Counters I designed several years ago and has gone through many revisions since then. You will now only print 2 pieces; the bottom and top. The pieces come with number stamps on the bottom to tell you how many wounds the dials have faces for. This is somewhat visible on the printed make I took a picture of. You will need 3mm x 2mm magnets to hold the two halves together and provide the rotation action. They may be cheaply acquired from Amazon or Ebay. There are pre-made holes for the magnets to fit. Fit may vary based on print settings. The tops may require a little boring with a drill bit or hobby knife to clean up the elephant foot edges for the magnet hole or you'll never press the magnet in. A little superglue may be required for retaining the magnet. There are dials for models with wounds from 6 through 16, and then a counter for 22 wounds. There are blank tops for generic application to any models that have the above number of wounds and you can paint whatever to customize it to your model/army. For the Tau army, there are specific tops featuring the "model number" of what the dial is for. FOr example, "XV88" for broadside models and have 8 wounds. You would print an "8w Bottom" and an "8w Top" or "8w XV88 Top." Included are two .SVG files included. I use Inkscape, it's free to download and use. You can load them in Inkscape and change them to your liking, print, or export PDFs to send to the printers for printing on heavier cardstock (my preference). There are 2 versions of the counter dials. One is Tau specific with graded wounds for the 9th edition rules. For example, the XV95 Ghostkeel has 12 wounds, wounds 12-7 are black indicating the model is operating at full strength. Wounds 6-4 are yellow indicating the models first level of reduced performance. Wounds 3-1 are red, indicating the models worst performance and near deathyness. The other set of dials is all black numbers and you can edit the provided .SVG files to produce dials to match your own army. Follow the link for easily printable US Letter sized counter dials: The last note: Once you have assembled your dials and painted the tops to your liking. I suggest cutting the paper dials just inside the black outline. Use a single hole hole-punch to punch a hole in the middle of the dial for the magnet (though, you can skip that part if you like). Get a water washable glue stick to adhere the paper dial to the bottom and you're done! That way, should anything happen, soaking the bottom of the counter with the paper dial will break down the paper and glue and you can reuse it for any future changes. I hope you enjoy them and leave feedback below!

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With this file you will be able to print 9th Edition Wound Counters with your 3D printer. Click on the button and save the file on your computer to work, edit or customize your design. You can also find more 3D designs for printers on 9th Edition Wound Counters.