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A Clockwork Spider


<p>Redesigned from scratch after lessons learned from printing the first version. This makes use of the Involute Spur Gear Script from Greg Frost ( <a href=""></a> ) and the Spur Gear Fitter Script by cbiffle ( <a href=""></a> ) rather than my own terrible terrible gears.</p> <p>Special thanks to Dna for designing his Rubber Band Ratchet Engine ( <a href=""></a> ) to power this mechanism and for creating a video rendering of the mechanism in action:</p> <p> <figure class="media"> <oembed url=""></oembed> </figure> </p> <p>I've included an STL of the entire thing assembled, that's just so you can see how it's put together.</p> <p>An ideal assembly would make use of two full clockwork spider mechanisms with a rubber band engine in the middle to turn both center gears.</p> <p>I would highly recommend printing this using a MK6 or other stepper extruder. If you use a DC based extruder the clean up will be a pain.</p> <h3>Print instructions</h3><p>Unassociated tags: spider toy</p> <h3>Instructions</h3> <ol> <li>Print all plates one time (each is only about 15 minutes or so)</li> <li>Fit parts together</li> <li>Rotate center gear to walk</li> </ol>

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