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A&K Magpul Masada / ACR Bolt Carrier (airsoft)


First part to break on my masada was the bolt carrier/block. It's the part that ties the whole system together wherein it rides inside of the bolt cover and along the bolt guide/rod, pressed forward by the spring, and locked to the cover by the metal handle. This is a 3d printable version I made to the exact measurements I got from my broken one, with a couple small modifications for durability and to make it more possible to print. If you find any flaw tell me and I'll update this. I will make two versions: one with as much reinforcing material as I can make work, and one that has more play for if you are printing with stronger materials that have better z axis binding and don't need that extra material. Update 6/29/15 Use the non-sand one! I made a model and found that it was a bit off, and couldn't quite fit the rod in the middle. I'll reprint that one to test but as of yet that is the latest and is what should be used.

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