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A&K Masada hop up slider


I only saw 3d models for this slider that you had to buy (which is just a joke cmon), so I made one myself using blender. I used generic PLA on a Tevo Tornado Printer with a 0.4mm nozzle, but it might work with pretty much any 3d printer since it is not a complex part and cheap printer. I used infills for the LOLs but it also works without i assume. It is not perfect but it should work if you follow the steps after the actual print. 1. Cut away the small stoppers (use a knife, pliers or small hand file) on the hopup that would prevent the A&K slider from sliding too much off in the direction of the barrel. I lost my patience trying to stick the slider from on top directly to the adjustment area of the hopup, so thats why i tried this out. The 3d model has a "stopper" built in, so you don't need the previous ones anymore. 2. Without the two slider stoppers out of the way take the printed slider part and insert it in the front of the hop up unit (direction of barrel). There the area should be less wide and because there are no stoppers there you can now put the slider (flat side first) in using enough force in a 45ish degree angle. Make sure the part that sticks out of the model is facing the direction of the barrel, it is used as a stopper so the slider does not fall off. 3. Once you managed it (be patient it took me a while because the part is quite narrow) you slide it back and forth a few times. It should sit pretty sturdy and works. Congrats! I did not improve this model and made it perfect, because it worked for me. But i can give you the link to the blender file so you can improve it if you think it is necessary. If you do, please upload it again so everybody has access to an improved version. Maybe i will do that in the future but let's see. Here is the link to the blender file (v2.9):

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