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A War of Whispers tower tokens


<p>This a a token for the board game, A War of Whispers. I love the game but felt it needed a little more visibility since so much of what's done depends on secrecy and knowing who controls what on the board can impact many decisions.</p> <p>All credit for the game belongs to the Publishers, Starling Games.</p> <h3>Print Settings</h3> <p><strong>Printer Brand:</strong></p> <p>Creality</p> <p class="detail-setting printer"><strong>Printer: </strong> <div><p>Ender 3</p></div> <p><strong>Rafts:</strong></p> <p>Yes</p> <p class="detail-setting supports"><strong>Supports: </strong> <div><p>No</p></div> <p><strong>Infill:</strong></p> <p>doesn't matter</p> <p><br/> <p class="detail-setting notes"><strong>Notes: </strong></p> </p><div><p>I printed this with the standard 0.4mm nozzle and since the footprint is so small I printed a set of them close together on a raft. The overhangs are right around 45 degrees so no support is needed.</p></div> Post-Printing ============= <p><strong>Ink wash</strong></p> <div><p>Other than popping them off the raft there isn't any needed post processing. For my set since I printed them in white I gave them a very quick ink wash mixing some brown and black together on my palette and then doing one pass over each tower. The stone joints should catch enough of the ink to break up the surface and the doors and windows should catch a lot of the ink.</p></div> </p></p> Category: Games

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