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ACR/ Masada Airsoft Stock Hinge


UPDATE 3/4/19: First prototypes printed, the hinge is very close to an exact fit but needs some work. The holes are too tight of a clearance to fit the hinge pin, and it needs greater clearance with the gun. Everything slides as expected, I will update the files soon. UPDATE 3/15/19: It turns out this design was more problematic than I thought. The hinge has taken a couple iterations, and I still need to work out a clearance issue on the button. The design is getting closer however, I may have an update in a few weeks. After purchasing a secondhand Masada airsoft gun, I discovered the stock hinge was broken after receiving the gun. Rather than purchasing another stock for $35 or more, I decided to print my own as only one piece is broken. The design isn't quite final, but I will be printing test parts soon and finalizing this in the near future. This has been designed to fit with what I assume are stock A&K Masada airsoft parts. My gun has no branding, but from the research i've done I am pretty confident it's an A&K. At the very least, the parts at least look the same. No additional hardware should be needed if you have the original nuts and bolts. Print with the butt side on the buildplate, the one with the semi circle cutout. Supports are recommended. I would recommend at least 4 shells and 15% infill if you intend this to last. The stock will be snug, but it should slide in and lock well with the tabs. The prototypes had a sturdier feel than the original parts. I will upload more pictures and source files when this design is complete.

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