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Airgun silencer (short) with UNF 1/2 threads .35 caliber 9mm


Originally designed for personal use, I decided to extend the range. This is a silencer for airguns. Overall length is 15cm Caliber is .35 or 9mm. Thread is UNF 1/2"-20 female. Outer width overall is 40mm. Outer width at the threaded end is 21mm. Things to consider: More air volume in the silencer gives better, more silent, result. Fatter or longer silencers have more internal air volume, so bulk pays off. Slimmer and shorter silencers are a little louder, yet more manouverable. If you want changes in thread size / male or female / length / width / connector width (e.g. same as your barrel), send me a request. I have done straight & slim ones that will fit in an outer metal tube the width of the muzzle. If you wish to mount a silencer in a piece of metal or PVC pipe, send me the inner diameter etc. I have done UNF 1/2"-20 female threaded silencers, which are fairly common. I have done M20 female threaded silencers that fit the FX Bobcat MkII for Europe, FX Verminator MkII, FX Wildcat MkII.

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