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Alex's Dagger Cane - A Clockwork Orange


Referenced and designed based off images of the original prop when it was sold at auction. Other materials: 3/4 inch inner-diameter PVC pipe Super Glue/Epoxy Various paints/clear coats Weight for handle (A roll of pennies works well) Cut two lengths of PVC pipe to desired length. To match the original prop length, cut one to 30 inches and another to 4 1/4 inches. The printed pieces may need some trial and error with scaling. I used a heat gun to soften some parts before fitting them in the pipe. the sheath socket may need some filing to fit the blade. I designed small holes to fit magnets, but a tight friction fit is best. I ended up lining the inside with black gaffer's tape to give the sheath some grip on the blade. The top burl piece needs an artistic touch to look right. I sprayed the paint on wet layers of clear coat to crack the color and give it a natural look. If you make one for yourself, please post a Make! I want to see your prints Also, check out the matching eyeball cuffs I designed for the costume

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