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Anycubic Mega X 9mm Belt YAxis Tensioner


**I should immediately warn you that this is a risky modification, and if you are not confident in yourself, then you should not improve anything!** I think this is my last attempt to improve this printer =) As the name probably implies, this is a conversion of the Y axis to work with a 9mm belt. Why, what is it for? The fact is that the MegaX table is very heavy, without taking into account the heavy ultrabase, we have a table base in the form of a 3mm(or 4mm) steel plate without any significant cutouts. All this stuff is powered by a 6mm belt and a weak motor. My main goal was to "overclock" the printer a little and the only remaining solution that does not require drilling or cutting metal is to install a wider belt and a more powerful motor. I also have to say that not all plastics will fit here. The table is often very hot, and it transfers heat very well to the base on which it is installed. Because of this, the plastic from which the parts are printed must be heat-resistant and with very good interlayer adhesion, since the belt loads these parts heavily. ABS, PLA, PET(G) plastics in this layer will not work well. Use glass-filled or carbon-filled composites based on propylene or polyamide. **Remember that when changing the motor, you need to recalculate the reference voltage!** * 3 m5x20 countersunk hex head screws * 1 nut m5 * 2 flange bearings F695-2RS * 1 bearing 695ZZ * Pulley for the 9mm belt * And the motor is better something like a 1,5-2A nema17 with a pitch of 1.8 degrees or something close I also advise you to get rid of ultrabase in favor of FR 4 fiberglass, this will also make the printing table much easier. Good luck!

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