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Bracing brackets for Prusa i3


Summary With these brackets the stability of the frame of Prusa i3 hephestos is improved and therefore also the printing is improved. Moreover, thanks to the more height of the brackets, print can reaches a greater height by 6cm. Instructions You need: 2 threaded rods M10 - 48cm 1 threaded rod M6 - 39cm 2 threaded rod M5 - 36cm 2 steel bar diam.8mm - 38cm 8 M10 nuts with washers 20mm 8 nuts M6 8 washers 12mm 4 screws M3 x 15mm flat head 2 screws M3 x 20 flat head with two M3 nuts 2 ball bearings 10x5x5 a ruler rule a bracket rule Print the pieces with 4 perimeters and infill to 30% I used layers of .2mm, but you can increase or decrease this value. Search printing parameters to do the best resistance of pieces. Assembly: remove the original upper Z brackets and replace M5 screw and 8mm Z axes with the longer ones remove the front part of Prusa, where there is the Y belt-tensioning, unscrewing the two front M10 nuts. enter two supports (L_supp.stl / R_supp.stl) in the threaded rods remount the front of the printer by tightening the nuts and making sure that the pieces are horizontal with the two M3x20 screws and two nuts M3 install the display on the left bracket with the M3x15, screws the brackets to original holes, but on the back of frame (watch photos) enter the bar M6 in the seat in new brackets, making sure that you have entered the two nuts and washers inside, then enter the external washers loosely insert the threaded rods M10 in cross holes, making sure that you have entered the two nuts and washers inside each bar with the aid of a ruler rule set M6 nuts so the two Z axes are perfectly parallel and vertical: the distance between the axes near the motors must be equal to the distance between the axes at the top of the brackets enter the bearings in the seats and let enter the M5 threaded rods that move the Z axis with the help of a bracket rule set M10 cross nuts so the frame is perfectly perpendicular to the printing plane. Changes to the firmware to increase the printing height: To use 6cm in more data from these brackets is necessary to modify the firmware. To do only if you have a basic knowledge about!** Download the latest firmware for your Prusa (found on the wiki reprap). For Prusa i3 hephestos firmware is this: Refer to this section: Download and install the latest Arduino IDE from and any serial drivers Locate the file "configuration.h" Once opened with notepad or another text file reader find the line "#define Z_MAX_POS" Change it in "#define Z_MAX_POS 240" If the value of 240mm in height is too much or too little modify it as needed AFTER performing a test of lifting the Z axes Save the file and close the editor Turn on the printer and connect it to the PC USB Double click on "marlin.ino" and once you open the IDE arduino from the "Tools" > "Arduino type" select "Arduino Mega 2560 or Mega ATK", then select the right COM port Upload the sketch Happy printing!

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