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Braille Alphabet


Summary This is a braille alphabet which can be used to create words for learning and communicate with blind people. It can also be stick on a metal notice board by gluing a magnet in the hole on the back. How I Designed This I designed all the braille plates with Solid Edge, they are simple and all other modeling program can create them. The braille parts are simple holes and cylinders, the normal text is instead a letter made with Solid Edge in a given position. Project: Braille Alphabet Objectives: The class, but also the teachers, using this alphabet can learn braille and understand how is hard the life for blind people. Blind students can leave little messages for classmates without disabilities or also other blind students on a metal notice board. Audiences: This Project is suitable for all students, blind or not. There isn't a right age to use this alphabet because I believe it's never too late to learn something like Braille and be sensitized towards people with disabilities. Preparation: Students can use the plates as they come out from the printer or if they prefer to use them as messages on a notice board, they olny have to glue a small magnet into the hole on the back side. If the filament's colour is dark student can also paint them for more fun. Steps! 1 - The teacher gives 5 letter plates to each students. 2 - At home the students have to learn the letter, using their finger to "feel" the braille letters shapes. 3 - The day after they have to change their letters with their classmates ones. 4 - Once they have learned all the letters the teacher can divide the classroom in little groups of two students (blind or not) and blindfold all them. 5 - The teacher provide a word to one student for each group. 6 - The student have to find the letters of the word between all the other letter plates and vive them to the other student who have to guess the word. Results: Thanks to the Braille alphabet teachers can perform teamworks engaging also blind students. This is a good way for blind students to socialize and play with other classmates and to them for understanding how hard life is for blind people.

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