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Breast Binder


Simple Breast Binder for large breasts Note: moderately complex assemble, still a work in progress Required parts: 4-6 inches of 5/16 threaded rod Superglue There are two nuts for attaching your straps with "Nut A" - uses 4x M2x4mm bolts which go directly through the strap. "Nut B" - use 2x M3x30 bolts that tight down 2x "Nut B - clamp" this is probably better if you want to use maximum tension. Assembly: "Binder - Collar" gets printed first then placed (with threads facing down) inside "Binder - Base" as it's printed. I suspect that if you don't do this everything will still work but the threaded rod will be slightly less smooth when rotating and can be pulled out of the base. Decide on which Nut you want (I prefer "Nut B") print it and place it on the rod. "Knob" is printed third and goes on the other end of the threaded rod. Make sure everything works works. When you are happy unscrew the thread rod from the "Binder - Collar" add super glue and re screw. Unscrew "knob" and add glue and re screw (making sure that the nut is on the rod when you super glue it. To get "Binder - Collar" tight on the rod there are two slots that fit into the base when it's positioned right. I get the threaded rod slightly screwed then pull down while slowly rotating till the collar locks into the slots in the base, then I can tighten the rod easily.

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