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center speaker grill gauge pod


Could not find a singe gauge pod that didn't look awful so I made this little guy. Specifically for the Pontiac G8 and Holden VE commodore center speaker grill. this design uses the original plastic for the speaker grill, and does require the metal mesh and center supports to be removed to glue this in place. Future revision to will be a no cut/glue design but will still require the metal mesh to be removed or cut. pod itself for design around a Banks iDash 1.8 but will fit most any 52mm gauge. face inset is 10mm, mounting ring is 55mm and total depth 45mm from the mount surface. ** I HAVE NOT TESTED THIS DESIGN YET! *** print at your own risk! This thing will be updated with future revision and pictures once I get a test print. Version 3 is a simplified, less "igloo" looking design.

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