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CNC 3018 Pro Engraving Machine Collection


Summary UPDATE I've uploaded a part to the collection. The End Stop Nut Holder. Thanks Mike-Maker for bringing that up! ################ Recently I bought a Chinese 3018 "PRO" Milling / Engraving CNC ( and felt the need for some upgrades. After searching the net I found very few parts for the PRO model, so I remixed some parts from the 3018 standard model to fit in the PRO and I designed the end stops holders. Some Features: End stops are adjustable, so you can position them to fit your needs; 3 types of cable guides: rail holder for thin cables, for thick cables and double side tape holder; Electronics Box: Thicker wall and a little curved on the bottom to give more strength; Electronics Box 2: 4 holes on top to hold the offline controller. Motor handwheels: Size adjusted to fit between the screws of the CNC. Credits and a big thanks to: 8 SqFeet for the amazing CNC Collection: and Alexandr_sk8 for his electronics box: Obs: The switches I used are "big" because I could not find any smaller nearby. The only micro switches I used are on the Z axis and they are bolted to the structure all the other parts are screwed to rails or fixed with double side tape. After you install de end stops you should tell the CNC that it has end stops. To do this you must send command "$21=1" to the board. More info here: Once you activate the end stops the Offline controller stops working, to make it work again you must use "$21=0". If you know a way to make it work with the end stops enabled, please let me know. ;-) I've add 2 switched on the box cover. One for the box fan (It's a bit too loud) and another for the Spindle (safe precaution) Both were add with a soldering iron after the box was printed and that's why there are no holes on the part. :-) The end stop switch holders for the X and Y axis are different there is a Front and a Back model (Y) as well a Left and a Right one (X). Don't print the same model twice! Extras: Good Info on the Model: How to wire the switches: g-code config example: Print Settings Printer: Zonestar 802N with Mix Head Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 50% or more Notes: Filament Used: 3D Fila Orange ABS (Brazil):

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