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Danby Connector A5412-050-A-A5


<p>recreated Connector A5412-050-A-A5</p> <p>Did not want to wait 2 weeks for delivery of real part.</p> <p>Print ultra fine detail as it is standing (hose connector down) with supports.</p> <p>Two versions:</p> <p>Without support</p> <p>With manual support (still needs generated support) . I printed this version to help with bed adhesion.</p> <h3>Print Settings</h3> <p><strong>Printer Brand:</strong></p> <p>Monoprice</p> <p class="detail-setting printer"><strong>Printer: </strong> <div><p>Maker Select Plus</p></div> <p><strong>Rafts:</strong></p> <p>No</p> <p class="detail-setting supports"><strong>Supports: </strong> <div><p>Yes</p></div> <p><strong>Resolution:</strong></p> <p>200</p> <p class="detail-setting infill"><strong>Infill: </strong> <div><p>NA</p></div> <p><strong>Filament:</strong> eSun PLA</p> </p></p></p> Category: Replacement Parts

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