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Deburring Edge Box Cutter With Burr Waste Collector


If you also have a bigger/wider first layer of your printed parts and you always using a dangerous cutter to get rid of this you can now easier, cleaner and safer deburr this layer edge with this tool and also collect the burr waste. No need for additional cutter and bloody fingers anymore :) You will only need following parts: - 1x part of Standard Box cutter blade 9x18mm (See photo) - 4x M3 x 12 mm Screw with nut <h1>4 Parts to print:</h1> v2 = Blade angle 10degree v3 = Blade angle 15degree <h3>- Deburr_Boxcutter_Base</h3> (H1 or H2 or H3 depending on your needed chamber) H1 = 0,3mm chamber H2 = 0,4mm chamber H3 = 0,5mm chamber <h3>- Deburr_Boxcutter_Fix</h3> <h3>- Deburr_Boxcutter_Handle</h3> Includes space for collecting the burr waste <h3>- Deburr_Boxcutter_Cover</h3> For easy cleaning of the burr waste just open it Have fun! <h3>UPDATE 2020-05-15</h3> Thanks to kwfredeen for the smaller 9mm box cutter Remix:

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