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Dew shield for SkyWatcher 9x50 finder scope


**Warning** a single wall is a bit thin and quite fragile, I will probably prepare and test a version with a thickness of at least 1mm. Dew shield for the SkyWatcher 9x50 finder scope, that has a 57.4mm outer diameter. EDIT : New **THICK** version with 2mm walls as the original design is prone to delamination Length is 200mm. I've printed it with 0.3mm layer height, and resized it to 101% in Cura before print, it slides smoothly on the scope. It could be used on any other 50mm finders by just increasing the XY scale accordingly to the external diameter of your specific scope. For minimal internal reflection, try to get it the mattest you can, by chosing a specific PLA or lowering the print temperature. **MatteForge black** filament gives great results (see pictures). If printed with usual PLA, it could be a good idea to flock the interior with some adhesive black felt for visual use. Time lapse :

Download Model from Website

With this file you will be able to print Dew shield for SkyWatcher 9x50 finder scope with your 3D printer. Click on the button and save the file on your computer to work, edit or customize your design. You can also find more 3D designs for printers on Dew shield for SkyWatcher 9x50 finder scope.