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Dimensionally Accurate 9mm Snap Caps (9mm Luger/Parabellum)


I didn't like any of the 9mm snap cap models online, so I modeled this one based off SAAMI specifications and Winchester Ranger HP rounds. These have tapered "cases" so they fit snug, but wont bind in chambers, as well as having firing pin recess. There are both ball and HP models depending on your needs. They should work perfectly if your printer settings are accurate, though under/over extrusion will cause issues. Print with high wall count (~5) and double lined infill at 50%. Should last a long while before needing to print new ones. PLA+ works quite well, though I imagine PETG will work too. May need some brim to keep them on the build plate, and I recommend printing more than 3 to avoid outer wall defects. Stay safe and happy drilling!

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