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DP-28 Light Machine Gun Low-poly 3D model


This product is intended for game/real time/background use. This model is not intended for subdivision. Renders done in Marmoset Toolbag 3. Default renders in 3ds Max will NOT look like the preview images. The Marmoset Toolbag scene IS included. This firearm comes with 8 round magazine and 9x18mm catridges. ||SPECS|| The weapon is separated into objects to make animation easier. Movable objects include the bipod legs, bolt carrier, magazine, magazine release, rear sight, safety and trigger. The drum magazine top can rotate as the gun fires. || Geometry || Geometry count: The geometry has been triangulated to ensure it shades as accurately as possible in game engines. The number of quads is given in the polygon number box. There's an extra quaded version of the model included in the download. No n-gons Model unwrapped manually to make most efficient use of the UV space. All materials and objects named appropriately Scaled to approximate real world size (centimeters) Tested in Marmoset Toolbag 3 (see renders) Tested in Unreal Engine 4 Tested in Unity Engine No special plugins needed. .obj and .fbx versions exported from 3ds Max 2018 || Textures || DP-28: 4096x4096 base color, roughness, metalness, normal and AO (ambient occlusion) maps 7.62x54R cartridge: 1024x1024 base color, roughness, metalness, normal and AO (ambient occlusion) maps There is a separate download of the textures in specular/gloss PBR format for those who prefer that setup. Textures designed for physically based rendering (PBR) Textures in .png format Model texture paths are stripped I have exported specialized texture maps for Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. See the extra downloads section for those textures and instructions on using them. Substance Painter source files also available in the extra downloads so that you can easily alter the textures as you wish with Substance Painter.

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