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E28 2in speaker Tweeter pod


The factory e28 tweeter pod size is uncommon. For those who want to upgrade their tweeter pods (Like me) I created this part file to house a larger 2in dia tweeter to 3D print. Unless you cut out the metal clip on the original tweeter to glue to this tweeter housing you will have to glue the tweeter in. Some slight modification to the tweeter pod will be required as it is not a direct fit to the door (Sanding on the top corner). Sanding may be necessary to smooth the surface and paint. Tweeter may need to be glued in if the fit is loose. This is e28 specific. Printed at .0100 resolution.Thanks,-Sam

Download Model from Website

With this file you will be able to print E28 2in speaker Tweeter pod with your 3D printer. Click on the button and save the file on your computer to work, edit or customize your design. You can also find more 3D designs for printers on E28 2in speaker Tweeter pod.