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Eufy wireless doorbell cam peephole mount


I live in an apartment so I didn't want to drill anything into the wall/door frame to mount my camera. I also wanted to be able to recharge it without taking it off the door. You'll probably have to trim some plastic off the end of the microUSB cable so it can fit through the peephole tube. There is a small cutout in the mount for the USB port cover so I wouldn't have to cut it off. I uploaded models with and without the cutout in case you want to remove the cover. The one I actually printed has a hole to screw into the door where the old peephole used to be. The threads on the peephole mount should screw pretty tight but if you want it to be more secure, I recommend measuring your door and either drilling or modeling in a hole in your mount. The holes below the USB port in the mount are to screw the mount into the camera where the wired power contacts go. I ended up not using them because after modeling them in, I realized I had to choose between screwing the mount to the camera or to the door and I decided to secure it to the door. The peephole and nut are oriented for printing but I don't recommended printing the mount in its current orientation because the stress will be along the layer lines. The strongest print orientation is on its side but that requires the most supports. Here's a link to the Tinkercad file for it: I got the threads and bolt from this:

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