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Festool systainer cleats (old systainers)


Summary Festool systainer cleats for old style systainers. Should be compatible with Hitachi and Makita systainers as well, but have only tested on Hitachi. Can be used to attach a custom MFT style board to top case. Beware the existing classical attachment clips stick up a bit above the cleats, so the custom MFT board needs to be cut accordingly. I was inspired by to design these cleats for the classical festool systainers. The proposed printing guidelines appears to be plenty strong. I had no problem lifting 3 systainers weighing 21kg. You will need 16x 3.5x25mm screws. v2 of left and right cleats uploaded on 24/5/2017 v3 of left and right cleats. Cosmetic change to make flush with case upload 25/5/2017 Print Settings Printer Brand: FlashForge Printer: Dreamer Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Doesn't Matter Infill: 10% Notes: Printing is straight forward using the flattest face down. Please re-orient if needed. Printed in PLA. I Sliced using Simplify 3D, but any slicer should work fine. Infill can be sparse, I set mine to 10%. I also a 50% overlap between infill and shells. After some research, it appears that good strength is more due to the thickness of the shells and layer orientation than the infill. Print with at least 5 top and bottom layers & 5 perimeters shells for good strength. The forces go mostly into compression, and much less into torsion. The holes are for 3.5mm counter sunk screws. How I Designed This Fusion 360

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