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Folding 9mm Ammo Box


I store my ammo in an ammo crate and wanted to reuse the plastic trays that came with my 50 round remington range ammo boxes so I could still take a couple boxes with me to the range, but couldn't find anything on here that fit my needs, so I unfolded the box and modeled this after it. I printed it on an ender 3 v2 and had to resize the area in the slicer settings to 235 x 235 so I could utilize the full print area and actually fit this thing on there. There are relief cuts in the model to help with the folding, and I recommend using chopsticks or something of the sort when gluing the sides to keep even pressure across the box. I found that I would end up super gluing my fingers to the box without them trying to keep an even pressure on the entire side tab. I printed in PLA and the relief cuts provide flexibility where needed but rigidity where it counts. I have used this tactic many times on other projects and so far they've all held up really well with all the movement over time

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