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ForgeCrate: Sci-fi Wargame Shipping Container


Summary A Forgeworld inspired shipping container to be used as terrain for games of Warhammer 40K. Designed with playablity in mind. It's 3 inches tall so climbing up it's side ladder would count as 1 floor. It can be closed or doorless to allow units to pass through with line of sight blocking, interior floor and walls have detail as well on the "no_doors" version. Separate door file included should you want to decide after printing. Nubs on the top line up with notches on the bottom for easy stacking and interlocking. Modeled to be printer friendly. Has no serious overhangs and roof bridges well. Print bottom down, no supports needed. *Can also be used as a replacement for GW's Munitorium Armored Container Cache which is looks less cool than the Forgeworld one. Rules here:

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