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GSC G-Team Van


Oiii Mates, Meet the mighty GCS G-Team Van. The weapons are setup for magnets. ____________________________________________________ Verison 1: Initial release - Rusted Claw version - mini guns - Front Bumper Issues: - side mirrors brittle - back spoiler prone to crappy printing. - Not test printed by me ____________________________________________________ Version 2: Better release - enlarged the back door handle, side door rungs, side view mirrors. - rebuilt the back door with bolts rather than rivets. - Sunk the back door deeper into the chassis. - enlarged the side door slit window. - duplicated the side window slit on the back door. - deepened the front window. - thickened the front hood intakes. - thickened the roof spoiler. - slide the roof spoiler forward. - changed the underside first removing geom and then adding and a dual exhaust. - added recessed turn signals. - thickened the wheel well trim. - reduced geo across the board. - cleaned up topology all over. - extended the roof top risers. - changed the underside to have more over hang by the body. ____________________________________________________ ****Verison 3: Various**** - added all GSC versions. - improved the back and underside of the van. - completed the auto cannon option. - rebuilt the side mirror connection to the body brace. - extend the underside pipes to the front engine. - also added a blank chassis and bumper. - if the size looks off reduce it to 10%. **** Uploaded Dec 6th, 2019 **** Still to do: - put the new back door on the chassis. V3 has the older door. - create the wheel options. - check scale - test print ____________________________________________________ **** NOT UPLOADED **** ****Verison 4: Backdoor and License Plate**** . - put the new back door on the chassis. V3 has the older door. - check scale - test print **** test print Failed **** Good - scale ( compared to a GW Replusor ) - license plate works - correct back door added Bad - mirror connection to mirror bracket still flimsy. - underside drive shaft could use a scaling up. - uses way to much plastic. I'll need to chop it up a bit. **** test print Failed **** Still to do: - create the wheel options. - create license plate options. **** NOT UPLOADED **** ____________________________________________________ Future: - add a turret option for the roof. No eta on this yet. - add X base to the chassis. - I might change the back door to add a bit more personality. ____________________________________________________ Cheers, Mauddib PS: I've printed an inbetween of version 1 and version 2. I'll be printing version 3 next week.

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