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HI-Point 9MM C9 Speed Loader


<p>This is a HI-Point C9 Speed Loader, It is just a remix of <a href=""></a>. It is pretty much Identical except for the label and logo on the side</p> <p>I have added a video to show how it works</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <h3>Print Settings</h3> <p><strong>Printer Brand:</strong></p> <p>Anycubic</p> <p class="detail-setting printer"><strong>Printer: </strong> <div><p>Photon</p></div> <p><strong>Rafts:</strong></p> <p>No</p> <p class="detail-setting supports"><strong>Supports: </strong> <div><p>No</p></div> <p><strong>Resolution:</strong></p> <p>0.07</p> <p class="detail-setting infill"><strong>Infill: </strong> <div><p>100</p></div> <p><strong>Filament:</strong> Matterhackers Photopolymer Yellow</p> <p><br/> <p class="detail-setting notes"><strong>Notes: </strong></p> </p><div><p>I printed this on a resin printer, but I can see no reason that you can't print it on an FDM printer.. I would probably use a brim to keep it from peeling off the bed as the contact patch is very small. 0.2mm layer height would be a good setting for PLA.</p></div> </p></p></p> Category: Sport & Outdoors

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