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Ikea Jerker Desk Clamp for shelf and monitor


Summary Using 2 x 3/4" square aluminum tubes to hang a monitor and shelf. 2 Required. Printed in PLA by John Briggs of the Marietta Maker Station, on his home made printer. 0.8mm nozzle. Added the 2 rail clamps and VESA monitor swivel mount. Borrowed from another maker on Thingiverse, and modified. Added extra "hinge" to the 100mm monitor mount. 1 was too weak, and broke. All fit fine, with a bit of filing. The front mount needs to be lowered or the shelf will hit the monitor. Printed a lowered mount which works fine. PLENTY of support. 6mm x 50mm bolts everywhere, and 6mm x 100mm for swivel mount.

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